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“The thing that I value most about the PT aspect is the individuality” – Peter Blore


I initially looked into joining RWF because I had always wanted to learn how to lift weights as more of a sport instead of purely recreationally, and how training works and why. I had been to other commercial gyms but inevitably always cancelled my subscription after a couple of months because lifting purely on machines is mind numbingly boring, and I never had any idea if it was even working. Was I getting stronger? Did I know what I was doing? No!
Training with Derran RWF was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve gone from having no knowledge about lifting or how to train effectively, to having learnt the technique of the compound lifts and cleared off 5 training programs (and counting). I’ve put on muscle gaining 20kg+ of bodyweight in the first year of training, and overhauled my diet with his advice.
One thing that I value most about the PT aspect is the individuality; being pretty tall at 6ft 6 I’ve been surprised how many times we’ve swapped out an exercise or added a targeted stretch to better fit my height & to avoid injury, something I would not be able to do otherwise.
Not to mention that its always a pleasure to train with Derran and it’s something I look forward to every week, I strongly recommend RWF to anyone who really wants to know what they’re doing in the gym and get stuck into some quality training !

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