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Gregg Matthews – “I started to feel the benefits immediately, and now my shoulder is fixed!”

“After an initial consultation with Derran and the setting of target objectives, I started to feel the benefits immediately”


My path to the RWF gym and PT sessions with Derran stemmed primarily from a painful shoulder, which I was convinced was damaged and needed surgery, being unable to put a shirt or jacket on without assistance.

Having had the all clear from an x-ray and being prescribed physiotherapy, I was shocked when the Physiotherapist declared my condition was simply down to inactivity, and some simple stretching and movement exercises, under tuition, improved my movement and reduced the pain. After the Physio sessions had concluded, I was advised to keep up the exercises to continue the improvements made or the condition may return.

This was a bit of a wake up call, having just turned 50, carrying more weight than I should and becoming more and more desk bound as my career progressed. I simply did not want to become an “old man” that couldn’t move because of aches and pains.

Cynical of commercial gyms and “Personal Trainers” from previous experiences, I researched online for Physiotherapists, Gyms and Personal trainers locally and kept coming back to the Real World Fitness website. After an initial consultation with Derran and the setting of target objectives, I started to feel the benefits immediately (after the initial, expected gyms aches!).

As well as gym membership, I have continued with my weekly Personal Training sessions to ensure that my form and technique is correct as well as having constantly revised tailored personal programmes and being pushed outside my comfort zone during the PT sessions.

As well as a noticeable change in body shape along with personal deadlift and bench press weight targets etc my greatest and most satisfying achievement is being able to squat with a straight bar on my shoulders, something that I could not do for the first 12 months due to my lack of mobility in my shoulder.

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