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The gym

RWF Nottingham Gym.
All the equipment.
None of the nonsense.

At our Nottingham gym, we make it as easy as possible for you to train how you want and when you want.

A recent survey by revealed that the three primary reasons for people avoiding the gym are a lack of time, lack of confidence, and their current gym being too busy. These factors contribute to over one in four gym members being dissatisfied at their current health club.

Why choose our Nottingham gym?

We aim to remove these barriers by creating a quiet, welcoming, non-judgemental atmosphere for all members.

Our membership split is around 50/50 male to female, and over 60% of our members are over 35 – making for a far more grown up atmosphere than most gyms.

We have a hard cap on the number of members we sign up, as we don’t believe you should have to wait for kit. You’ll get through your workout faster, and you won’t have other members waiting impatiently as you finish your set.

We don’t tolerate any intimidation or disrespectful behaviour, and we don’t allow large groups to hog the space taking selfies or posing in the mirror!

We have heavy-duty aircon, changing facilities, and a business hub if you need to fit your session around work meetings. We even have a huge car park, so you can drive in, complete your workout, and be back home without sacrificing too much of your free time.

If you’ve never been to a gym before and feel nervous about how you’d fit in, or if you’re fed up of busy chain gyms, anti-social behaviour and limited equipment, claim your 7-day free trial today and come find out how RWF breaks the mould.

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The best Nottingham gym, personal training studio, and sports massage therapy clinic.
All under one roof.

We love training. We want you to love it too. We provide personal training at our Nottingham gym to those who want help to reach their fitness goals or improve their gains. We have six experienced personal trainers on our team, and each of them can help track your progress, improve your nutrition, and boost your confidence.

If you’re unsure about personal training, we’re offering one free consultation and training session. These free sessions are subject to availability, so book now!

We also have on-site sports massage therapists for those recovering from an injury or looking to relieve tension or improve blood flow in their muscles.

We’re a Nottingham gym

Based in Colwick, our Nottingham gym has easy access from West Bridgford, Edwalton, Lady Bay and Gamston to the south, and Netherfield, Carlton, Mapperley, Stoke Bardolph, Gedling and Burton Joyce to the east, so if you’ve searched for a “gym near me”, we’ve probably shown up!

Of course, we’re just a short 5 min run in the car from Nottingham City Centre – and can offer unlimited free parking.

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Squat Racks

We have 5 squat racks, from full cages to half racks and wall racks.

Never wait to get on with leg day again.

Bench Press

With 4 bench press stations, and four mobile benches, we’ve got the space and kit to train hard without compromising on big exercises.

Cable Stacks

Our monster cable set up is a whooping 9 metres long, and comprises a dedicated seated cable row, assisted chin-up/dip machine and a lat pulldown. Throw in a two cable crossover sections, chin-up bars and spare stacks on each end, and you’ll never wait for a cable machine.

Individual Membership

Individual memberships at our Nottingham gym are just £45 per month.

No joining fee.

No minimum term contract.

Couples Membership

Couples memberships for our Nottingham gym are just £85 per month.

No joining fee.

No contract.

Day Passes and Weekend-Only Membership

Day Passes for our Nottingham gym are available at £10 each.

We offer a weekend and bank holiday membership for only £20 a month – ideal if you want to use a different gym at the weekend to your regular or work gym.

All the equipment in the Nottingham Gym:

Weight equipment

  • 3 power cages
  • 1 Precor heavy-duty half rack with deadlift platform
  • 3 IPF-spec bench stations
  • 2 dedicated deadlift platforms
  • 4 adjustable benches
  • Heavy-duty plate-loaded leg press
  • Hip thrust station
  • Huge selection of Olympic bars and a selection of speciality bars (trap, safety squat, EZ curl bars, axle bars, Swiss bars)
  • Over 5000kg of Olympic and bumper plates
  • Assortment of kettlebells from 4kg to 40kg
  • Dumbbells from 1kg – 55kg

Machines and Cables

  • Pulse Fitness pin-selected low row machine
  • Technogym leg extension machine
  • Technogym seated hamstring curl machine
  • Rogue Reverse Hyper machine
  • A Cybex cable station with low row, assisted chin/dip and lat pulldown
  • Cable cross machine
  • High/low cable pulley system
  • Specialised glute/ham raise machine
  • Assisted chin-up/dip station

Cardio and Flexibility

  • 4 spin bikes
  • Concept2 rowing machine
  • 2 Precor treadmills
  • Foam and rumble rollers
  • Stability training equipment
  • Suspension training equipment and gymnastic rings
  • Medicine and slam balls
  • Complete set of resistance bands

I had a personal trainer before and didn’t notice any progress…but training with Derran has been a completely different experience.


I started to feel the benefits immediately, and now my shoulder is fixed!


The thing that I value most about the PT aspect is the individuality


I’ve lost 33kg working with Derran at RWF!


I’ve already seen significant improvements that had previously evaded me no matter what I tried.


I’m now walking again pain free!

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