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How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer in Nottingham?

In the UK, the average cost of a personal trainer is somewhere between £25 and £60. As with any profession, the location matters – and London-based PTs can charge in excess of £150 per hour for the same, or lesser, standard of training than personal trainers in cheaper parts of the UK.

Real World Fitness are experts in personal training in Nottingham, and now operate a small, friendly, well-equipped gym in Colwick.

As a result of a couple of decades of personal training experience, a dedicated, well-equipped gym with sports therapists on site, RWF charge the higher end of what you’d expect to pay in Nottingham, at £50 per session

Professional, personal training in Nottingham, like any service, has a price tag

Personal training in Nottingham, like any city, has a wealth of personal trainers – and a huge diversity of professionalism and ability within the community.

Unfortunately, personal training suffers a little from a “standard cost” that people expect to pay.

New personal trainers are often guilty of one of two things: either pricing themselves so cheaply they can’t make a living, or pricing the same as experienced trainers and not being able to compete with their experience.

It might sound obvious, but a PT with 20 years experience is worth a lot, lot more than a PT who’s a few weeks out of university, or who hardly ever trains anyone. Think of any other profession – do you want the accountant who’s been helping small businesses for decades, or the one who’s only done their family’s accounts for a few months?

With more expensive PTs, you’re paying for someone who’s more than likely seen everything, helped with almost everything, and isn’t going to have to “learn on the job” while you’re paying for the privilege. It might appear to cost more, but chances are you’ll get to your goals faster, easier and with less chance of injury.

What’s wrong with cheap personal trainers?

Nothing, in principle! There’s plenty of personal trainers who charge £25 or less a session. However, very few of them stay in business for long.

Whilst £25 an hour sounds a great pay level for a personal trainer, in reality, especially when new to the career, that PT might only have 2 clients a day. Consider they may spend 8-10 hours a day in a gym, waiting for the appointments to turn up, that great hourly rate starts to look very poor – in fact, less than half minimum wage! A cheap PT needs to be VERY busy to make a decent living; and that leads to burn-out very quickly.

Considering that the several of our clients have been with us over a decade – why would you want your PT to burn out and quit the industry because they can’t make ends meet without working 15hr days? The idea is to build a relationship that can help you with your health and fitness goals for as long as you need them, not for simply as long as they can cope.

In short, cheap personal training is a time-bomb for the client and the PT. If you get lucky enough to find a great PT who’s not charging much – don’t keep quiet. Tell them to charge more, if you want them to stick around!

What about part-time personal trainers?

There’s also a large “part time” community of personal trainers. We have two at RWF.

Sometimes, PTs who have another job charge less, as they are less dependent on the income from their side-job. This can be great for a client when they get an excellent PT who limits the number of clients they take – but often, the client is getting a tired, burnt out trainer who’s working two jobs. To avoid that, don’t pick a PT that’s cheap simply because it’s a side-hustle. It’s unlikely you’ll get the commitment you deserve as a paying client.

Our part-time personal trainers at RWF charge the same as the full-time – after all, the focus should be on the client they are spending their hour with.

Excellent Nottingham personal training facilities

If you’re considering personal training in Nottingham, we’re certainly worth the visit. Throw in free, unlimited car parking, a smart changing area with showers, our outdoor seating area, our business hub that you can work from free of charge, our free coffee and WiFi – why wait to try us out?

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