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I feel so welcome and supported here!

My journey with RWF started in mid January 2023 and before then, my commitment to the gym was very sporadic. I’d go three or four times a week for six weeks at a time, get bored with what I was doing, not see any progress and then not bother going again for another six months.
In October 2021, I started playing touch rugby, having never played any rugby in my life (I’d danced until I was 18 and done hot yoga whilst at uni, but never a team sport), as a way to make friends and keep active. I really enjoyed it and played Rugby League for the women’s team for the summer season of 2022. I decided to give Rugby Union a go for the winter season as I had found a sport that I really loved and wanted to keep it going over the winter.
Unfortunately, in November 2022, I broke my ankle whilst playing and couldn’t put any weight through it for four weeks and then had four more weeks in a huge air cast.
I missed exercising and playing sport but was really anxious about doing anything as I didn’t feel like I had any strength in my ankle and I didn’t trust it not to go again. This was what led me to Derran at RWF.
I started working with Derran less than a week after my cast and crutches were off and he put me right at ease. Derran made a plan for each session, but was great at adapting it if anything was too hard or too easy for me and worked with me to make sure I felt confident doing each exercise. Derran is a great motivator and really supportive PT. He does all the hard work of bringing the energy to a session, I just have to do the reps!
We have worked together and I now visit the gym on my own using the bespoke plan he’s made for me. Even when I’m not booked in for a PT session, Derran always makes a point to say hello, make me feel welcome and answer any questions I have about the plan or the gym equipment.
Over the last three months, I have built up a lot of strength in my ankle and have been given the all clear by the physio to run, start playing touch rugby and to return to non-contact training. Without my regular PT sessions and encouragement from Derran, my recovery wouldn’t have been as fast or as successful and I’m hoping that I’ll be back to playing a full game again in the next few months!

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