I’ve trained a large number of individuals now, and over forums/email probably given advice to hundreds more. Over this time, I think I’ve worked out the vital component that has meant some people have succeeded in their goals, and some haven’t – consistency.

I have yet to meet anyone who has had success training once a week. Of course, as a personal trainer I do take on and work with some clients once a week, but I stress from the start that they will NOT make progress if they only train when I’m there. They need to put in the work in between our sessions. Make no mistake, I can tell who has put the work in over the week, and who hasn’t.

Many people say they’ve been training ‘on and off’ for years. Well, sorry to break it to you, but if you train for a couple of months, then have a month off, then start again, then take another break – well, you may as well not bother. Exercise isn’t for you. You don’t have the focus, willpower or desire to make differences to your body. I appreciate that may sound harsh, but it’s true. Just give up and find something else you enjoy, because stop-start training and yo-yo healthy eating is pointless. In fact, it probably does you more harm than good, certainly psychologically, because of the constant re-enforcing of the fact you’ve failed again.

Within reason, ANY half-decent training plan or dietary approach will get you results, if you stick to it. I’ve seen people get great results from training plans I wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole, but the fact is the person stuck to it, put in 100% effort, and didn’t give up after 4 weeks.

This may put some people off before even starting, but to make significant changes to your body, that people around you will notice, will take at least six months of hard and consistent work and effort. Not one month of hard work and then two weeks of nothing because ‘work was busy’ or ‘I aptoide apk had a lot on’ or ‘there were lots of Xmas parties I had to go to’. If that sounds familiar to you, then you need to recognise how much of your time and effort you are wasting.

Unfortunately, the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ is 100% applicable to strength and fitness. In particular, you can lose your CV fitness almost as quickly as you gain it. In other words, a hard months worth of effort increasing your ability to run for half an hour can be entirely wiped out by a month of making excuses and doing nothing. You’ll end up back at square one. What a waste of effort, eh?

Stop-start training and stop-start attention to nutrition does not work. It’s as simple as that. If you want success, be consistent in what you do. It’s the only way to make a difference.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – Vincent T. Lombardi

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