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Whether you want to train in a commercial gym or not, a home gym offers flexibility to still get a session in when you can’t make it to the actual gym.

But what’s the best gym equipment under £500 to kit out a basic, but functional space?

Obviously, you’re not going to be able to recreate everything – especially machines – but with a little inventiveness you can mimic at least one or two exercises to hit every movement pattern.

Some people love the home gym set up – and some just like the added bonus of being able to get an extra session in at home without the travel time to the gym.

So what’s the best gym equipment under £500 you should pick up?

Check some of the basics, and our rationale behind the choice, here:

A fundamental bit of kit: a decent home squat rack.

Having a good half rack like this one opens up a lot of training opportunities and forms the mainstay of a home gym. From the obvious – squatting safely – it can also be used for RDLs, chin ups, bent over rows and for attaching a pulley system or Olympic rings to.

A cable pulley system

The best home gym equipment has to include cable work. A cheap cable pulley system can be attached to anything with a chin up bar, like the rack recommended above. Weight-plate loaded, when not in use takes up no space at all. When in action, it opens up tricep work, seated lat pulldowns and, if you get inventive, curls.

A versatile fully adjustable bench is a must to get the best home gym equipment

For the obvious bench pressing within a rack, but also the less obvious: seal rows, single arm rows, seated military presses etc.

A sturdy 6ft bar

Bars are usually 7ft, but this will save space in a typical home gym. If you’ve got the space, a 7ft version is better. If you can upgrade, do – a bar is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase if you treat it right, so don’t skimp if you don’t have to.

Some gymnastics rings

These give additional options for back and chest exercises, are really inexpensive and have the added bonus that you can take them on holiday if you want to keep up some training when you go away.

And lastly – some weights

Shop around for these, and check out places like Ebay and Gumtree. Only buy brand new as a last resort. There’s always someone selling used plates that are perfectly good enough quality for a home gym.

And don’t forget, if you want some help with putting all your new shiny equipment to good use, you can book a free Personal Training session with us in person, or you can contact us about Online Personal Training if you’re not in Nottingham.

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