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Looking for an online personal trainer?

Are you looking for the best online personal trainer to create a bespoke training plan?

You’re not alone. The bespoke online personal training sector is expected to grow by nearly 40% (an increase of nearly £3.5 billion) over the course of 2023.

That’s a lot of online trainers fighting for your cash!

But are you struggling to find one that actually trains people in real life, and knows enough to train you effectively online?

Unlike many online personal trainers, RWF train people every day. We deliver over 500 one-to-one personal training sessions every month.

We have no intention of becoming “online only” personal trainers, because that’s a quick way to lose all your coaching skills – and no real personal trainer gets into training to avoid working face to face!

How can you work with RWF to design a bespoke personal training programme?

We have some criteria for working with online personal training clients, so if you fit the bill, get in touch and talk to us about online personal training:

  • You must already be in the habit of going to the gym at least twice a week
  • You must have a basic working knowledge of gym equipment
  • You must be familiar with, if not proficient at, squatting, deadlifting and bench pressing – and have routinely performed these movements

You do NOT need to have amazing lifting numbers, or even be that experienced in the gym. Our criteria are merely to make sure you have the best chance of succeeding with an online personal trainer – if you struggle with basic mobility, you need a face-to-face trainer, not an online one.

What will you get when working with RWF as your online personal trainer?

  • We’ll spend time chatting with you on the phone to make sure we understand you goals and current abilities
  • We’ll devise a bespoke training plan for you to start working on
  • We’ll review any video footage of your training and suggest form and technique improvements where necessary
  • We’ll amend and adjust your programme based on your progress
  • You’ll get unlimited access to us – we don’t do certain “check in windows” or require you to join group video coaching sessions. We are one-to-one trainers, and that’s the same with our online offering.

Our personal trainers are experienced and have expertise in building strength, improving fitness, and losing weight. They can advise you on diet and nutrition, help you improve your form and push you to new levels of self-confidence and belief.

Our bespoke online personal training is offered at one price:

£100 per month

We only ever work with 5 online clients per personal trainer – so, again unlike most online personal trainers, you will be one of five people, not one of 50. That allows us to focus on YOU, and not the other 50 people all doing the same copy and paste training plan.

RWF are here to raise the standard of personal training – not detract from it by offering cookie-cutter programming and relying on marketing to deliver fresh “victims” over and over again.

The benefits of tailored, bespoke personal training are well-documented for fitness progress, weight loss, and emotional support during training – so why wait?

Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you within two hours to answer any questions you have and sign you up for life-changing online personal training!

I had a personal trainer before and didn’t notice any progress…but training with Derran has been a completely different experience.


I started to feel the benefits immediately, and now my shoulder is fixed!


The thing that I value most about the PT aspect is the individuality


I’ve lost 33kg working with Derran at RWF!


I’ve already seen significant improvements that had previously evaded me no matter what I tried.


I’m now walking again pain free!


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