Contributed by Matt Stafford
Do you even fat grip?

Small changes can make a huge difference when implemented over time. I will always use subtle differences in my training. One very easy, small change is the use of thick (axle) bars or fat grip accessory equipment.

Here at RWF we have both. This attention to detail with specialist bars – and how to effectively use them – is one of the things that separates us from other gyms.

The longer you’ve been training, the more difficult it becomes to create a stimulus for growth. This means the full toolbox of methods have to be utilized. I’m not talking daft circus training, or inventing exercises for the sake of novelty, but methods that are backed by science and results.

Using a fat grip bar or fat-grips will introduce a new training stimulus that the body won’t recognize and this can be added to most pulling and pushing exercises. In order to maximize the benefit, you must focus on squeezing the bar intensely when training. Use grips for a cycle of 4-6 weeks and then return to a regular bar and reap the strength benefits from fat bar training.

Here are some great benefits

  1. Improved neural drive in hand and forearm muscles
  2. Increased muscle activation in upper arms
  3. Helps to prevent imbalances and prevent injuries
  4. Introduces a change in training stimuli.

In a nutshell? It’ll make you bigger and stronger.

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