To people outside of gyms, it’s often a source of amazement that people pay a personal trainer.

“I wouldn’t pay someone to count for me”

“Just teach yourself on YouTube”

“It’s lazy getting someone else to do the work for you”

Unsurprisingly, we think all those statements are pretty ignorant. As usual, the loudest critics of anything tend to be the least knowledgeable of the subject they’re criticising…

Here’s the REAL reasons people get a trainer.

Time – clients who don’t have much free time and who want to ensure that in that hour of training they are doing the best they possibly can, in the most effective way. There are plenty of people out there who want a return on their time investment – and are happy to pay to ensure that what they are doing WORKS.

Lack of knowledge – clients who simply don’t know what to do. They have a goal, but no idea how to achieve it. Some clients have limited knowledge and simply want to tap into the experience of someone who’s been at it far longer than they have. They’re also happy to pay a trainer on the basis that they are doing the thinking, research and planning for them.

Accountability – many clients have told me that simply knowing that they have made an appointment, and that it must be kept, is a key reason they have PT. They know that a diaried appointment with someone is far more likely to be kept than ‘I’ll make time to go to the gym later’. It keeps people accountable, it reduces your capacity to con yourself, and makes sure you’ve got someone who can call you out on damaging behaviours.

Motivation – the best of us get disheartened every now and then. Even if your training and physique is coming along well, you still have days when you can’t be bothered, or you feel you should be making more progress.

If you’re one of those people that can give yourself a kick up the arse, then great. Some people can’t. Some people need that external motivation to keep them on track – and even the most positive of clients will occasionally have a blip. Motivation in training is a huge topic and not something I can do justice to here in a few words.

Trust – in a coach getting them to their goals BETTER than they could alone

Anyone can bounce along for a few years in the gym and get OK results. That’s not what people are going to pay for. Anyone, yes, can teach themselves some basics on YouTube.

But a client should expect better results with a trainer, than they’ve achieved on their own so far, or would get if they started to train from their own reading/research. They want a coach to cut through the bullshit and the controversy, and get them doing what works.

Fear of injury – time and again this comes up. “I wanted to start going to the gym, but you hear about all these ways you can get hurt”. Some is simple ignorance of correct form, and for some people, they’ve had injuries in the past and do not want to go through that again.

Clients often come to personal trainers to reduce that risk of injury because of doing exercises with poor form. It goes without saying – or should do – that there’s always a risk when being active, and that a PT can’t guarantee to make someone bombproof, but we can prevent the most common problems caused by “winging it”.

Training with a coach SHOULD mean there’s less chance of injury through poor form. A good PT will simply not let you lift with your ego, or let you perform exercises that are too technically advanced for you.

If you want to see more reasons that RWF’s clients lift with us, have a proper read through our testimonials page.

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