As myths and misconceptions go, the idea that all personal training clients are bored housewives with nothing better to do with their time and money is up there with Bootea being good for you, and endless treadmill running being the best way to lose fat.

In short, it’s (let’s go all topical) fake news.



We hear it a lot though, from friends, family and random people we meet. We even hear it from clients who DON’T fit that mold, and think that they are the exception. The truth is, our client base at RWF, in terms of the personal training AND the gym membership, is massively varied.

We had no idea when I started out how varied it would be. The problem we have is that if we’ve heard this misconception being carelessly thrown around so often, how many other people hear it too? Does it put people off personal training?

We have had clients from the age of 10 right up to 80. The youngest client we currently have is 13, the oldest 79, and every age in between. If we had to state a typical age range for PT, it’d be something like 30 – 45.

Our client’s careers range from student, to housewife/husband, secretaries, managers, GPs, company directors, self-employed people in a whole range of industries and semi-pro sports-people, even an ex-Olympic athlete. We’ve trained new and experienced gym instructors, and MDs of multi-national companies. We’ve trained people that work part time, and people that work 70 hours a week. We train powerlifters, Olympic lifters and people that just want to be more active.

So, to be honest, we don’t look for any particular ‘type’ of client. We do have a few pre-requisites though for success though.

  1. Be prepared to work hard (within YOUR capabilities)
  2. Show up with the attitude to get cracking
  3. Do at least 80% of what we tell you to do in between sessions
  4. Always be upfront and honest about your nutrition and your activity levels

Don’t be put off getting a PT because you think it’s something rich people do, or something for people other than you. Personal training isn’t about status or stereotypes, it’s about making you the best version of yourself that you can be.


It’s about getting you results quicker than you trying to figure it all out on your own. We have several clients here that have achieved strength levels that often take years, in half the time. People that have dropped bodyfat without the stresses and exhaustion that come from mainstream fad diets, and without having to avoid every social occasion.

People coming to us don’t have to make mistakes.

They don’t have to figure it all out from scratch.

They start with exactly the approach they need.

They don’t waste time and effort.

Don’t be put off having PT because it’s a ‘last resort’ or something only lazy people do. It really isn’t. It’s for people who want results as quickly as possible, and don’t want to fumble in the dark for months.

As for where we train, RWF Gym is not your typical gym. We have a rigorously enforced anti-drugs policy which means that a large section of the gym population that regular people don’t like training around do NOT train here. You can look around the gym and be 99.9% certain that everyone in there has results from hard work, not out of a bottle.

We work really hard to keep the gym membership full of respectful, decent people that know how to behave in public! Tim and myself do not want to work in an environment where we wouldn’t be happy to bring your Mum in, so a lot of the idiotic behaviour you see in commercial gyms does not happen here at RWF.

But, please, do be prepared to work hard!

Don’t take our word for it. Check out what clients have to say about us.

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