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As personal trainers, do we want you to pay for personal training sessions for the rest of your life and be entirely dependent on 1-to-1 sessions?





We can’t speak for most other personal trainers (well, actually we could but it wouldn’t be very professional) but at Real World Fitness in Nottingham we want what’s best for you, not just what’s best for us.

When we feel you’re confident enough to go it alone into the gym and complete a prescribed program, then we will suggest you do just that. Under our guidance you’ll be doing a safe and efficient program without continuously paying for 1-to-1.

That being said, there are cases where we would suggest the 1-to-1 personal training continues longer. If you’re completely new to the gym and you have never done any resistance training, for example, you’ll likely need our guidance for longer. Weight training isn’t as straightforward as many think, and the technical and mental aspects of it can be tough to grasp fully. Similarly, if you are nervous about a gym environment or recovering from some sort of injury, the support you need from a qualified, experienced PT might be greater.

Having some professional coaching as a beginner should always:

  • Familiarise you with resistance training as opposed to running straight to the treadmill.
  • Get you used to the gym environment instead of being so nervous/anxious that you don’t go to the gym at all. There would be no need to be worried about incorrectly performing exercises when you eventually go solo, as you would have already completed them with 1-to-1 supervision.
  • Rehab any previous injuries or issues which could be stopping you from doing the best exercises for you, and limiting your functionality in everyday life.

We market ourselves as a no-bullshit company. This applies to the personal training just as much as the new RWF gym. We’ve set up the new gym to be more accessible to the everyday person who may not feel comfortable jumping into a 12 month contract at a local commercial gym, getting little or no support, and having to cope with the usual gym stereotypes of arrogant trainers and over-used equipment.




So, when you’re ready to go alone in your health and fitness goals, whether that is at the Real World Fitness Gym or at another (we don’t mind if you go somewhere else!) then you better believe we will tell you – and we will have made sure you’re in a position to do it safely and effectively.

Personal training with us is about LEARNING – not being entirely dependent on us. The ultimate goal is for you to spread your wings and be able to maintain a healthy and, most importantly, happy lifestyle on your own. Now, with our new gym, we can offer a place for you to carry on what you’ve learnt with us and achieve that ultimate goal.

If you do have regular 1-to-1 personal training and enjoy the sessions, find them challenging, and it contributes to your overall happiness, then we will of course always find time for you in our schedule.

It’s about whatever is best for YOU.

Whether you’ve been thinking about joining a gym or just trying some personal training sessions – drop us a line and try a personal training company, and a gym, that is trying to make a difference in the fitness industry.

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