Spend your time following “elite coaches” on Instagram and you’d be forgiven for thinking that any average person can go from ‘never trained’ to ‘cover model’ in 8 weeks.

Maybe that person inspires you to look around your local area to find someone who can do that for you.

Maybe you’re then underwhelmed by the fact that no-one, in real life, is getting those results. Hey, I guess Mr Instagram must be a genius then?

Let’s not forget that people lie. People manipulate timelines. They “forget” to mention years of a client playing a physical sport before coming to them. They inflate the start weight of a client to make the weight loss look bigger. They play with lighting in photos to exaggerate effects.

So what of your local PTs, like us?

People paying all that money and not getting results? I smell foul play. The coaches are Real World Fitness must be charlatans without qualifications or any real testimonial stories. We want the pictures of someone going from the bodyfat of a pork scratching to Wolverine in 8 weeks!

We have a wide range of clientele at the gym. There’s no two ways about it, those who have enough disposable income to invest in their health usually have a lot going on in their lives, which is a good thing! We don’t ask anyone to make training the focus of their lives. Families to spend time with, the world to travel, kids to raise, businesses to be run, hectic social calendars.

The part we look after FIRST is your health.

So for most people with major life commitments, improving your health looks like this:

  1. Reducing your bodyweight. 90% of people coming to us want/need to lose a few pounds.
  2. Increasing the frequency in which you exercise – sometimes that’s from zero to something.
  3. Reducing your alcohol intake.
  4. Increase your intake of nutrient dense foods (and finding out what those actually ARE)

Don’t underestimate how hard doing all four of these tasks simultaneously is. The little changes that need to start permeating every area of your life.

Very few people can tackle all four at the same time and be successful. It’s just too much to change. Habits are formed over a long time. They take a long time to break down, and usually never completely go – they need to be over-written with new, better habits. That doesn’t happen in 8 weeks.

Those that have fewer bad habits and a supportive network around them, get results very quickly.

But the average person we see probably won’t achieve all four at the same time. Things are in the way – family, work, finances, health issues, and our own human ability to self-sabotage.

If they achieve one out of the four, then over that period of time then they will inevitably be ‘healthier’ than when they started training with us at Real World Fitness.

One out of four might be classed as failure by most looking in from afar (from the sofa, pub, bar – or the pedestal they’ve built themselves on social media), but tackling small habit changes over long periods of time results in big changes. Marginal gains isn’t just for sport, it’s for life. Small changes built up over time make MASSIVE differences.

One thing is certain for those training with us: over time they will have become more mobile, stronger and fitter than they thought possible, and get into far better shape than their peer group.

That one thing everyone finds the easiest to achieve is increasing the frequency of exercise. The benefits of regular exercise are endless and absolutely everyone should be capitalizing on that at every opportunity. But for some people, that is the only change they can make. If all the other points are ignored, that person’s results will be limited – but at the very least, they will be getting fitter and stronger.

So what does that mean for someone over the long term? Surely that’s classed as failure for both coach and client?

Not in our book. What that person will have achieved is a good change in body composition, meaning an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in body fat, a better image of their own body, the chance to keep the body injury free through increasing your mobility and flexibility, increased heart health, increased fitness, increased self esteem. The list of improvements is long.

So even for someone who can only tackle the exercise part of the lifestyle change, it’s still worth doing, even if the other factors don’t change. The chances are the results someone starts to see will lead them to wanting to tackle some of the more demanding parts of a transformation.

You don’t need to become a slave to exercise. Quite frankly you don’t have to change anything other than wiggle a couple of hours free a week. You’ll be helping the body indefinitely just by making exercise part of your lifestyle and normal weekly routine.

Maybe just start with ‘learning to exercise’ and tackle the other bits when you’ve conquered the first change and use it as a stepping stone to improve on the other bits?

Worse case scenario? You have just made exercise part of your life.

That is classed as a win to RWF.


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