Are you getting this from your PT?

Let’s face it. PT is a luxury product. It’s likely to be one of your biggest outgoings each month.

With any costly product, surely you want to make sure you’re getting the professional service you want?

Sadly, too many people are paying too many PTs who deliver sub-standard services. Too many PTs who treat their job as a hobby or a part-time venture. Too many PTs who’ll happily deliver poorly planned sessions because the client knows no better.

Are we perfect at RWF? Of course not. But, and here’s a BIG but, we regularly take on clients who’ve had PT elsewhere and their stories make you wince…

A PT having all the technical fundamentals nailed is obviously important, but if the underlying core values are missing, you’re making a costly mistake employing them.

Here are a few qualities to look out for:


Having strong moral principles on anything fitness and nutrition related is hard to find.

Once you find someone with the qualities we talk about here, they’re worth their weight in gold.

Basic technical competence, being able to admit when they’re wrong or don’t know something, willingness to constantly learn, and readiness to tell you when you’re ready to start training solo is a good place to start – but it’s only the start. That should be the basic level of PT competence.

We pride ourselves on not being money-grabbers. We simply will not con people into having more training than they need. If someone wants to work with us three times a week, that’s brilliant – we’re never going to say no. But, we will damn sure let them know if we think they’d be capable training alone.

Some people will always want the confidence and camaraderie of training under the supervision of their coach, but they should be training with us because they WANT to, not because we’ve convinced them they need us and can’t cope without us.

We work with people with varying budgets, with no ‘one size fits all’ approach and tailoring each program to YOU, not the same as 20 other people’s programs. It would be very easy to give everyone the same programme – and many PTs do – but it’s simply not right, it’s immoral, and it’s lazy.


Sometimes, honest conversations need to be had.

They can be painful, bring a few tears or small confrontations.

You need to have confidence that your coach is honest enough to tell you when you’re being a bit shit, when you’re believing your own lies, when you need to talk with family members who aren’t helping, when not enough effort is being applied.

Can you rely on them to tell you?

Or will they not care and take your money while you fall short of your goals?

Having difficult conversations is a big part of this relationship. Make sure your PT is confident saying the things that need to be said – part of what you’re paying for is to be told when you’re wrong!


Most people think Personal Training is one hour of getting brutalized and that’s it. A trainer in camo trousers and a T-shirt one size too small screaming “one more rep” at you.

In a commercial setting this is the norm (or the other end of the spectrum – the PT who puts you on three different bits of CV equipment and chats to his mates while occasionally changing the incline for you).

Do you find appointments cancelled or rearranged all the time, only to find out your PT just couldn’t be bothered coming in for one client? Or they had repeated social events that were more important than you?

Finding yourself a coach who will put in the extra mile for you is part and parcel of what you’re paying them for.
Being on time, being on the end of the phone when you need them, supporting you through major life changes (pregnancy, new job, financial difficulties).

Can you depend on them? Or once you need some extra effort from them requiring more than just counting your reps, do they get upset? Do they suddenly charge extra for basics like help with nutrition? When you’re going through a shit time, do they step up and help, or do they fade out?


When you start out, both parties should be totally dedicated to your goals.

We will almost certainly want it more than you though, and it can take time for you to catch up, to believe that you can achieve what you want to, and to trust us to get you there.

If your coach cares about your goals even more than you, it’s probably a very good sign that they have your best interest at heart and your success actually means something to them above getting paid.

If there isn’t a slight annoyed look on their face when you’ve binged, skipped sessions or piled on 6kg on holiday (Tim did this a few weeks ago – PT’s are only human too!) then more than likely they don’t care about your goals and are more interested in the hourly rate.


You have to trust that all of the above will continue through your entire relationship. That your PT has got your back and can actively help you, whatever life throws at you.

Whether that’s four weeks pre-wedding or four years post-surgery.

Whether that’s while you’re free and single, or once you’re married and carrying your second child.

Whether that’s while you’re fit and healthy, or when you’re in the middle of a health scare.

Bottom line: if you don’t trust your PT 100%, you will not do what is asked of you.

If the Personal Training you’re having elsewhere doesn’t quite sound like this, drop us a call or email and explain your situation. We’ll give you an honest breakdown of our take on your current arrangement.

This isn’t a bid to steal anyone from other trainers. It’s a recognition that many, many people are paying a premium for a service they aren’t getting. We’re pretty busy day in, day out, at RWF, delivering around 500 1-2-1 appointments every month. That happens because of the relationships we work incessantly to develop. If you don’t feel you’re getting that where you are, you should think hard about continuing to hand over your money…

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