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Virtual PT – Online Personal Training and Nutrition


If you’re currently at a gym, or have your own equipment at home, our ‘Virtual Personal Trainer’ arrangement is perfect. Unlimited training and nutrition support via email, including nutritional planning matched to YOU and effective training plans based on the equipment you have available, your goals, and the times you are able to train.

You take care of the physical effort, and let RWF take care of all your planning.


For those of you who want to drop body fat, and lean out, we’ll set you calorie and macro-nutrient targets based on your goals. We’ll help you with identifying the best foods/meals to hit those targets.

We cater for anyone – whether you’re a regular gym-goer who just wants to step their physique up a gear, or a seasoned lifter who wants to change weight category for a competition.


We’ll also plan your training, giving you regular workout schedules and adapting them based on your progress. You won’t receive a plan and have no change to adjust or tailor, because we design training plans WITH you, not to impose upon you.

We’ll factor in the equipment and time you have available, and your rate of progress. We’ll review any video footage you take of your training to make sure your technique is perfect.

We’re also able to coach competitive powerlifters, whether novices or established lifters. Both of the PTs that run the VPT scheme are competitive powerlifters and have competed many times between them, up to and including National level. We also run a powerlifting-specific gym and coach a large number of powerlifters every week; we’ll be taking a team of at least 8 coached lifters to the BDFPA Nationals next year.

We are also strictly anti-drugs in sport. We have no interest in coaching athletes that use performance enhancing drugs, and will refuse to coach anyone who uses/has used.


You have unlimited access to RWF via email/text/phone for the entire period – no question too daft!

Unlike many of these online training arrangements, we limit our clients to 5 people at any one time. You’ll be dealing with genuine PTs who train people daily face-to-face. Sadly, many online PTs don’t actually train people in real life, and have limited experience of face-to-face personal training.

You will NOT get “cut and paste” training plans and food plans. Your training will be tailored to YOU – not the last person who paid.

As an added bonus, RWF’s online clients have access to many special offers. You’ll receive £5 off any one-to-one PT session you book if you’re able to come and see us in person at any point. You’ll have half-price access to the many squat, bench and deadlift workshops we regularly run on Sundays (reduced from £10 to £5). You’ll be first in line for  special offers on gym equipment, lifting belts, wrist wraps, supplements, protein bars and RWF clothing.



Want to work with us?

Get in touch using the Contact page.

We’ll answer any initial questions you have, and send you some basic paperwork to complete. After that, we’ll be up and running in a matter of days!

£200 for three months, or £375 for six months.


Still undecided? See what some clients have had to say about the differences working with an expert can make:

Steve P
Steve P Virtual PT Customer

The perspective here is this.  I’ve been lifting weights since I was 16.  I’ve worked really bloody hard for long periods of that time. On the whole I’ve got absolutely nowhere.  No strength gains, no size gains and a propensity to bloat every time I tried to gain muscle. My squat and bench have been static for years.  Since starting with you I can see genuine strength gains and whilst I’m still embarrassed about the numbers I’m no longer embarrassed in my fairly average gym environment.  More than that though I’m genuinely proud that pushing myself is delivering in ways I can see and feel.  That’s the other thing, for the first time ever, from every angle, I have pecs.  Not big ones but actual chest muscles that look like I actually train chest. At last I’m seeing the process of super compensation. Bigger lifts equating to greater strength and bigger muscles.

The difference is your knowledge, patience and practical approach for which I just wanted to say thanks.  Thanks to you I really enjoy my hobby and get a huge amount out of it

Nick (25)
Nick (25) Virtual PT Customer

Just wanted to say thank you for your advice and help throughout this year. When we started in March I was at 67kg, and will now finish the year at 76kg and lifting more than I ever have. As someone who thought they would be forever a skinny lad, this feels like such huge progress – I’ve even had to start buying new clothes as my old stuff doesn’t fit anymore (not because I’ve got fat I should say!). Still a long way to go but I feel completely in charge of my progress thanks to your help

Tracey (41)
Tracey (41) Virtual PT Customer

I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life about what I can and can’t eat. It’s been so refreshing to be able to eat normal food and stop worrying about things that, when I think about them, never made much sense!

Anna (34)
Anna (34) Virtual PT Customer

I can honestly say I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, but I am actually losing weight and I’ve not really been hungry at any point. That’s what diets I’ve done over the years promised me but never actually delivered!

Karen (28)
Karen (28) Virtual PT Customer

I did have to make some big changes to my diet to follow Derran’s advice, but to be honest it’s only after looking back at what I thought was healthy eating that I realise I was existing on junk food. If you do eat a lot of ready meals and convenience foods you will have to make some bigger changes like I did. But it’s been worth the effort, I’ve lost 15kg in as many weeks

Andrew (27)
Andrew (27) Virtual PT Customer

I’ve trained myself for the last couple of years, but felt like I lost my way with progress and got confused about my diet. Starting this arrangement with RWF was a little nerve-wracking, handing over money to a stranger, but I quickly realised it was worth every penny. I feel like everything I say gets taken into account, and can honestly say I’ve made more progress in the last three months than the past 2 years!