RWF have vast experience dealing with all kinds of clients. One area we’ve really enjoyed success with is strength and conditioning for children and young adults.

From youngsters working hard to live with dyspraxia, to teenagers wanting to improve their sport performance at school, we’ve seen some great results from some really dedicated young people from as young as 8yrs old.

We have developed some strength and conditioning programmes aimed at young people, and with a mix of basic gymnastics, bodyweight exercises and appropriate weight training, we can improve strength, balance, technique – and most importantly, build confidence.

One of our youngest clients practicing his moves at Disneyland!
One of our youngest clients, Jacob, practicing his moves on holiday!


You’ve probably heard all the myths about children and weight training – and to an extent, some are true when training isn’t planned sensibly. We’re not trying to turn kids into bodybuilders. But, there’s a wealth of health benefits to young people learning how to move correctly, safely, and effectively in a managed environment.

We’re experts in movement here. We have thousands of hours behind us, and private training rooms to keep younger clients away from the ‘intimidating’ atmosphere of the gym floor – indeed, we have some young clients now excited about coming to the gym, not scared of it.

We offer one-to-one sessions and group classes. We try to match up group sessions with similar abilities, so just get in touch and let us know what your child wants to achieve. We can discuss, in detail, how we’d best help them – and you’ll ALWAYS be asked for your input at every stage.

Interested in seeing how we can help? Get in touch.