The hardest part of PTing someone isn’t the training.

I’ll let you into a secret. With a new client, almost ANYTHING will make them stronger, fitter and lose a pound or two. It’s really not that difficult – the extra movement, the slight consciousness about not eating ‘bad’ things, makes the PTs job all but done in that first couple of weeks.

But then that dies off. The honeymoon gains and losses are over. The body has adapted to a new stimulus and is saying “ok, that was intense, but I’ll just go back to doing what I do, cheers”. The client wonders what is wrong, and the ill-educated PT panics. What do I do now?

That’s where having a plan comes in. A plan a client can actually DO. A plan that isn’t so intense they take one look and give up, but also one that isn’t so easy to follow it’s pointless. PT clients aren’t babies. They know why they are there; a PT’s job is to occasionally tell them the hard truths that their friends and relatives won’t.

So you’ve devised your new plan for your client. Let’s assume it’s decent, and doesn’t make horrid demands of their time, massive assumptions of their cooking abilities and isn’t so restrictive it’d make a competing bodybuilder panic.

How are you, the client, going to stick to it?


You need to make some time. No decent plan, unless you plan on spending your way out of trouble by using meal delivery services, can be stuck to if you aren’t prepared to, well, prepare. You need to diary some shopping time for ingredients, and diary some time (ideally on a weekend) to cook. Don’t just expect that time to materialise. It won’t. The latest boxset will always be more appealing on a rainy Sunday than cooking for an hour.


Don’t know how to cook? You’re an adult. There’s no excuse. Learn. And learn fast. You do not need to become a Masterchef contestent. But you do need to know how to whip up an omelette, stick some meat in a slow cooker, make a chilli or a stew, pan fry some fish. Simply knowing how to listen out for a ping on the miccy won’t cut it.

Stop with that excuse. Learn.


Healthy eating is not expensive. Sure, you can’t eat brilliantly for a fiver a day, but you can eat. Chip in the £3 you spend on a Costa on the way to work, and you can eat like a king IF you learn to, you know, cook.

Bulk buying and bulk cooking = cheap, nutritious, filling meals. Or spend twice that on crap from Boots and wonder why your PT is always looking miserable when it’s measuring time. Search though our blog posts – we did something about cheap healthy eating last year.

Decide you want a result

Why are you doing this? If the reason you want to get bigger, lose weight, lift heavier or run faster isn’t important enough to you, why would you resist a takeaway or a second Snickers? If the temporary thrill of a sugar rush means more to you than your goal, it might sound old-fashioned, but you simply don’t care enough. Change your goal if you don’t give a damn. Or, give a damn about it and then ACT like you give a damn.

It ain’t just you finding it tough…

We all would like to eat and drink what we want and it not matter.

Fact is, it DOES matter. It shows on you. It helps you to a goal, or hinders it. There is no escaping that.

That inner voice telling you that ONLY YOU finds it this difficult? That’s total bullshit. That’s your cop-out. Everyone feels like that, everyone finds it hard sometimes and, deep down, you know that full well. The trick is not to give in every. single. time.


If you genuinely think you do all that ^^^^ and you still struggle? Maybe (sorry PTs…) you have an awful PT setting you an awful nutrition plan that even a monk would struggle with. Maybe they’ve given you a great plan, but not touched on anything in this article to help you stand a fighting chance with it. Maybe.

But let me be clear: don’t you DARE rag on your PT if anything I’ve mentioned above has you doing a guilty smile or nodding your head. Because, folks, that isn’t your PT’s fault. It’s yours.


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