The chances are you’ve said, at some point, “my problem is “.

If you PT people for a living, you’ll hear that phrase, or a variation of it, daily or weekly.

Most commonly, it’s “my problem is I just can’t eat one biscuit, I have to finish the pack“.

Or, “my problem is, if I don’t prepare food for the next day, I just don’t eat properly“.

Or how about, “my problem is, I’m just so busy if I don’t plan my training it doesn’t get done“.


Well. Where do we start?

How about here: it’s not exclusively YOUR problem. Almost EVERYONE struggles with the exact same things.

The difference? Some only struggle with it for a few weeks before they decide enough is enough, and they put systems in place to stop the detrimental behaviour continuing. But let me be clear: that struggle never totally disappears. It still requires effort to stop the old cock-ups returning.

I struggle with only having two biscuits. What’s my solution? I don’t buy biscuits.

I struggle with only having 150g of Ben and Jerrys. Solution? I buy the mini-tubs, rather than fooling myself that I’ll stop at a fifth of a big tub.

I struggle with fitting in 6 training sessions a week. My solution? I sit with my diary on a Sunday night and sketch out when I’ll be able to get them done.

If I don’t at least think about how I’m going to eat that week, I’ll end up coming home tired, hungry, and eating cheese and crackers for my tea. My solution? I make the effort, most weeks, to make a huge pot of stew/chilli/curry so all I have to do when I get home is whack it in the microwave.

You are not special.

The issues you face are *not unique*. You are not special, especially when you’re new to training. The issues you face are issues we see over, and over, and over again as PTs. I genuinely can’t remember the last time someone came to me with a totally new, unique issue that we needed to hammer out together. It’s always the same ones – lack of planning, lack of critical thinking, and lack of creativity to solve problems.

None of us are unique as we’d love to think we are.

Do you recognise yourself? I’ll be honest, I’m as guilty at screwing up as you likely are. The difference is that most people who succeed at reaching their goals (or at least are on the path to them) start to recognise the smell of their own bullshit. They see the excuses they’re making, and they get annoyed enough with themselves to stop repeating the same basic errors over and over again.

Until you realise that your excuses are the same excuses as everyone else makes, and that you don’t have special reasons that are stopping you from achieving (“if only I didn’t like chocolate so much” – newsflash, everyone loves chocolate), you’re destined to repeat the same mistakes and never hit your potential.

If you do nothing else today, ask yourself two questions: “what excuses am I making up, and what can I do to stop doing that?”.

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