September 2013 was when I realised I was fat. Not just a little bit overweight, but FAT (17st3lb at 6ft)!  I did what lots of other people do, I started to eat less and exercise more.  I started going to the work gym, but after an induction of how to use the machines, I was left to my own devices. There were also free weights but not knowing how to use them safely, I stayed away.

12 months later I had lost a stone but also gained problems with my knees, ankles and shins, which pretty much stopped me exercising.  This coincided with a medical requirement that I need to bring my weight to a healthy BMI, so I started half-heartedly looking for a PT. Fortunately I was then contacted by RWF, asking was I interested in getting fitter?  So I went and spoke with him about my goals, my situation and my injuries.  They then explained how RWF works, they would provide guidance on nutrition – exercise and nutrition working hand in hand – so I thought, let’s give it a go.


At my first session, I was surprised that a lot of time was taken with nutrition and I was guided on what I should and shouldn’t be eating and also how much. It’s surprising if you eat the right way, how much you can eat and still lose weight.  Then it was on to the dreaded free weights. I’d always stayed away from free weights in gyms as I had no idea what I was doing and was bound to hurt myself or someone else, but they spent time explaining and demonstrating the correct way to lift, whether it was prone rows or bench press or straight leg deadlifts (if you don’t know what those are, trust me you will do – and in a good way).

Six months later, I’m another stone lighter, stronger, fitter, healthier and also find I’m standing taller than before.  To get to this point wasn’t easy, the exercise sessions are tough but they provide feedback throughout the session on all the exercise and pointers on how to improve in a calm manner: there’s no drill sergeant shouting here.

The nutrition side of things for me is harder than the exercise and I still need help with this.They will kick your arse (motivate you) when it’s needed, but in a nice way.  For me there is still a way to go before I’m at a point where I hit a healthy BMI but I know with RWF’s help I will reach it.

“When I realised I was fat I went to the work gym… 12 months and no results later I looked for a PT…” – Gareth Bates

February 3, 2019


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