When I was younger I always hated how I looked and I was teased at school for being overweight. I tried different diets and mainly sat on the bike at the gym thinking that I was doing the best I could do to lose the weight I had but on through my teenage years.

My mum and I decided to have some weekly joint sessions with Tim

In our first 2 sessions, we didn’t even step foot in the gym. After filling a food diary and finding out our food habits, he was unwilling to start training us until we proved that we could make significant changes to our nutrition, and that health is always the number one priority for clients of his.

He took the time to explain through everything we needed to know about diet and how we were being counter productive to our goals through eating so poorly. The biggest things I’ve learnt through these sessions with Tim was the nutrition side of things and the information he passed on is something which I will be able to carry with me for a long time helping to sustain the weight I’ve lost.

We learnt how to use machines and free weights in the gym without feeling silly. My goal was to go to university with a flat stomach and more confidence, and I went away with not only that, but also the knowledge and drive to keep moving forward on my journey.

“My goal was to go to university with a flat stomach and more confidence…” – Simran Purewal

February 2, 2019


of Tim Wheatcroft


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