I found Real World Fitness after googling back pain recovery training and saw some of the recommendations from their clients on the website so thought I would give it a go.

This was October 2015. After stopping playing rugby in 2013 due to niggling injuries I had flared up a back injury caused by a mixture of driving 2,000 miles a month with work, sitting in an office all day and not doing enough core strength or flexibility work.

I had a prolapsed disc, causing sciatica and due to the pain I had stopped any training for about a year and a love of beer and food had helped me pile on some weight. I also had reached a point where I couldn’t put my socks on in a morning without pain and a struggle, which for anyone who has had a similar issue is a really morale sapping way to start the day.

Derran and Tim worked with me to understand what I could & couldn’t do (at this point I couldn’t squat or deadlift an empty barbell without pain) and talked through where I wanted to get to in the future. They then built an initial 3 month plan based on building my core strength, weak hamstrings and glutes and working me back up toward some of the main lifts. Previously during my rugby days I had squatted 100kg+ comfortably and neared 200kg for my deadlift so I also didn’t want to start from literally the bar in a public gym, so the private 121 PT was perfect for me as I rebuilt my confidence.

By December 2015 I had got a good level of strength and confidence back at the end of the three months, but I hadn’t really looked at my diet or nutrition. I had done a triathlon through work for fun and enjoyed it, so decided to sign up for a ‘Half Iron’ distance event in August 2016 to train toward.

Derran helped me build a new strength programme to supplement my triathlon training and also some nutrition parameters and targets for my body weight.

So, at the 1st January 2016 I was 112kg (17st 6lbs) and 31% body fat. The long road ahead had a number of milestones built in to it, which always meant I had short terms goals to achieve and every time I strayed or missed them a raised eyebrow from Derran was usually enough to quieten my excuses and regain some focus for the week/month ahead.

I need to be held accountable and the RWF team found just the right balance in holding me to my own personal commitments but with focus 90% of the time I could plan the odd boozy weekend with friends and family and not feel guilty as I knew it was part of the plan. These planned ‘cheat’ days or weekends actually helped me stay on the wagon.

And so on 21st August 2016 I completed my ‘Half Iron’ triathlon, a total distance of 70.3 miles in a time of 5 hours and 52 minutes. (Swim 1.2mile: 35m 25s / Bike 56mile: 3hr 5m / Run 13mile: 2hr 4m).


My target had been under 7 hours, near 6 if possible, but that meant I had to set PBs in every individual event. I weighed in before the event at 100kgs, so in the previous 8 months I had lost 12kgs, almost 2 stone. But in the final two months I had actually stopped worrying about the scales as my training had got harder and I had increased my calories to support the training. Plus I felt much more confident with how I looked so the number on the scales became secondary.


I will now be signing up for a full Iron Man triathlon in 2017 and will be working with the team on my programming for the next 12 months!

I cannot speak highly enough of what the team at RWF have done for me to support all aspects of my life and training over the past 10 months. Thank you!!!

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“I couldn’t put my socks on in a morning without pain and a struggle… now I am doing a full IRONMAN” – Mike Grogan

January 19, 2019


of Derran Langston and Tim Wheatcroft


Derran Langston, Personal Trainer, Tim Wheatcroft