My training began with Tim Wheatcroft from Real World Fitness in June 2018

Heaviest weight I remember being: 73.4kg

Lightest weight since training: 60.2kg!

Today’s lifting figures:

Squat: 80kg
Bench: 40kg
Deadlift: 90kg

I started my journey after getting to a ‘chunkier’ and unhealthy version of myself. It frustrates me massively that I let myself get to that weight, however, it was a time in my life where gym and meal prepping wasn’t a priority as I was working full time and doing a degree (hats off to anybody who manages a degree without putting on at least a stone!).

Although I have always been a very fussy eater and vegetables have never been my friend I have always enjoyed the gym which made it more disappointing that I’d gone from reasonably slim and fit all my life to getting out of breath running up the stairs.

I now like what I see in the mirror, I am strong, I am healthy, I have made friends for life at RWF one of them being Tim and going to RWF is not a chore, it’s now a hobby that I love and it has also made me realise I was probably wasting my time with the kind of exercise I had previously thought was the way to get results. Tim has supported and encouraged me every step of the way.

The illusion of having a PT that shouts at you to do one more rep and makes you eat chicken and broccoli everyday is crazy! Tim makes me laugh in my sessions, educates me on the process, encourages me and knows what I can or can’t do. I TRUST him, because everything he has ever told me has worked.

I have never had to hide the fact I’ve had a naughty weekend with food or drink, instead he guides me how a good time or helps me get back on it afterwards.

The trainers and the people who go to RWF are so down to earth, what other gym can you walk into where you can eat your dinner on a sofa, make yourself a cup of tea and potentially see a cute dog in there every now and again

I now like what I see in the mirror, I am strong, I am healthy, and I have made friends for life at RWF

February 18, 2019


Tim Wheatcroft


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