Kate's hard work has paid off.

I started my journey a year ago with Tim at RWF. I had reached a low point, I was sick of the endless yo yo diets and contradicting advice from people whom were all ‘supposed’ experts. I had tried every diet known to man…all that happened was i would lose alot, but gained back even more! I researched for someone who had experience in training people with back problems as I had undergone decompression surgery which had left me weak and also contributed to me piling on the pounds as I had been sedentary whilst recovering too.

I still remember sitting and sending the first e mail, luckily Tim was prompt in replying which didn’t give me time to back out with nerves. He assured me I needn’t worry and we set up the first free consultation. I was excited, hopeful but worried what they would think of me. I had mental images of PTs who thought they were gods who might tell me all i could eat was green vegetables…yes they do exist. Tim was so far from this thank goodness. The first meeting consisted of introductions and a chat about what I currently ate and what exercise I did. How many sessions i wanted to do a week and Tim gave me a very simple calorie target. I was so relieved to find he was approachable and friendly, i instantly felt at ease around him. I was surprised to discover I actually began to enjoy all my sessions and always left feeling happier and my self-confidence began to grow .

I’m one year on 6 dress sizes smaller, I’ve lost 47kg to date..i still have a fair way to go as I was so very big when I started. The difference is this time I’ll know I’ll succeed and more importantly I’ll keep it off. The reason being I have learnt what it takes to do so. I understand now much more about intake and expenditure of calories. I also love being at RWF, I love the atmosphere, people and It’s now where I turn to when I’m stressed, happy or sad. Most importantly, not to food.

“…one year on 6 dress sizes smaller, I’ve lost 47kg… The difference is this time I’ll know I’ll succeed and more importantly I’ll keep it off.” – Kate

February 17, 2019


of Tim Wheatcroft


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