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Personal Trainer Carlton? That’s RWF!

Real World Fitness are experts in personal training in Carlton, and now operate a small, friendly, well-equipped gym just 10 minutes drive from Carlton in Nottingham – making Carlton personal training a better option to the Big Box gyms that get so overcrowded.

RWF initially operated as a mobile personal trainer in West Bridgford, Edwalton and further into Nottingham and Beeston, nearly 20 years ago. It’s been quite a journey to serve new areas like Carlton as a full gym, with sports massage and personal training services, based near Sainsbury’s in Colwick.

Professional, personal training in Carlton

We’ve kept the personal, community feel of a private personal training studio though – we cap the the gym membership to make sure that everyone, including our personal training clients, gets the chance to train in an uncrowded, professional environment.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve trained hundreds of clients in everything from fat loss, to muscle gain, to competing in strength competitions, to rehabbing knee, shoulder and hip injuries, to pre-and-post natal – you name it, we’ve helped with it!

Check out some our our client Success Stories.

Excellent Carlton personal training facilities

So, whilst we’re a short car journey away, if you’re considering personal training in Carlton, we’re certainly worth the trip. Throw in free, unlimited car parking, a smart changing area with showers, our outdoor seating area, our business hub that you can work from free of charge, our free coffee and WiFi – why wait to try us out?

Get in touch with us here and let’s get started!

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