Personal Training in Nottingham, Trent Basin, West Bridgford, Colwick and surrounding areas…

Personal trainer in Nottingham. No gimmicks, no quick-fixes. Just honest, solid personal training methods and advice to help you get results…whatever your goal.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in West Bridgford, Trent Basin, Lady Bay, Edwalton, Colwick or Nottingham City Centre, we can help you to:

Gain muscle using methods guaranteed to work

 Improve your diet without banning foods

 Increase your performance at your chosen sport

 Rehab an injury and prevent future incidents

 Train through your pregnancy and get back into shape afterwards.

Personal Training for Nottingham, West Bridgford, Trent Basin, Colwick and surrounding areas

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Our Personal Training Gym in Nottingham

Real World Fitness operate a gym just outside Nottingham City Centre. We’re easy to access from the city, and from West Bridgford, Trent Basin, Lady Bay, Edwalton and Colwick areas in particular. We have private changing facilities, toilets and showers.

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We can help you lose weight

You aren’t alone! Over 50% of the UK’s population aren’t happy with their weight. If you’re reading this, you’ve already decided to make a change. You’ve come to the right place.

How we help you lose weight

Experienced and dedicated team of Personal Trainers in Nottingham

Real World Fitness can get you fitter, stronger and help banish joint and back pain. Whatever your fitness goal, you’ll be guaranteed 100% attention and dedication to help get you there.

Personalised training tailored for you in Nottingham

  • Bella Cairns

    My experience at RWF has not only changed my lifestyle around, but it’s changed my belief in myself.

    I came into the gym with a severe back injury and I’ve never been closer to understanding what we can do to help it. I came with the idea that no one would be able to help me, and yet in under three weeks I was able to get out of bed comfortably again. RWF has made me gain strength in my muscles, spine and mindset.
  • Simran Purewal

    My goal was to go to university with a flat stomach and more confidence...

    I went away with not only that, but also the knowledge and drive to keep moving forward on my journey. When I was younger I always hated how I looked and I was teased at school for being overweight. I tried different diets and mainly sat on the bike at the gym thinking that I was doing the best I could do to lose the weight I had put on through my teenage years. My mum and I decided to have some weekly joint sessions with Tim...
  • Andrea Nicholson

    I’ve already seen significant improvements that had previously evaded me no matter what I tried

    I came to RWF because the reviews on their site gave the impression that it was a down-to-earth place with knowledgeable trainers. I wanted a place that wasn’t about posing and posturing, but about real results without injury. Having struggled with strength gains where they were key to improving in my sport, I figured it was time to improve my power to weight ratio by targeting my strength, rather than simply focusing on trying to lose weight (why this never occurred to me before is beyond me). And in all honesty, months working from home and a busy job meant I was also dedicating less time to my sport and more time to the TV. I was so glad that I took the leap - I can honestly report that all the reviews are true - RWF is full of good people. I’ve been training with Derran for 2 months so far - the technique he’s instilled in our training has ensured I remain injury free, I’ve already seen significant improvements that had previously evaded me no matter what I tried, and Chris’ Monday morning circuits are full of encouragement and a great way to start the week. RWF has a great atmosphere, a team spirit, inspiring trainers and clients, wonderful free coffee, and the occasional free puppy (but only for temporary cuddles). There’s always plenty of equipment available, and importantly, it’s completely friendly to, and unintimidating for, women - a really genuine, friendly bunch of people in a really genuine gym with lots of expertise to draw on should you need it.
  • Armand Brevig (One to one PT Client)

    I lost 15kg while curing my back pain!

    “I had suffered from debilitating back pain (including sciatic) for almost 5 years when I first met Derran on recommendation of an acquaintance. Previously a physiotherapist had helped me gain enough core strength to make training with weights a feasible next step. My goal was to continually build muscle in order to never suffer back pain again. In only 5 months Derran helped me achieve much more than I had dreamed possible.
  • Kate

    "…one year on 6 dress sizes smaller, I’ve lost 47kg… The difference is this time I’ll know I’ll succeed and more importantly I’ll keep it off."

    . I had reached a low point, I was sick of the endless yo yo diets and contradicting advice from people whom were all ‘supposed’ experts. I had tried every diet known to man…all that happened was i would lose alot, but gained back even more! I researched for someone who had experience in training people with back problems as I had undergone decompression surgery which had left me weak and also contributed to me piling on the pounds as I had been sedentary whilst recovering too. Read More...
  • Matt Coe

    I've lost 33kg training with Derran

    Training with Derran has been an incredible learning experience, all the way from training techniques through nutrition to anatomical mechanics. I've attended 4 different gyms historically in my attempts to train well and not one came close to that family/social feel of RWF. I walk in and guaranteed to be greeted with a hello and a smile, be it from Derran, another PT or another member...this all adds to that charm allowing my training to gather serious momentum. 33kgs down I look, and most importantly feel, better than I can remember. This is just the start, and a year in I wish I'd started this way sooner.
  • Bethany Andrews

    Stronger, healthier and made new friends for life in the process!

    I now like what I see in the mirror, I am strong, I am healthy - and I have made friends for life at RWF, one of them being Tim. Going to RWF is not a chore, it’s now a hobby that I love and it has also made me realise I was probably wasting my time with the kind of exercise I had previously thought was the way to get results!
  • Clare

    I had a personal trainer before and didn’t notice any progress…but training with Derran has been a completely different experience

    I had never done this sort of exercise with heavy weights or kettlebells before, but the benefits were very quickly apparent.  Each week I have seen clear progress. I am so much stronger which makes everything in life easier. I have started to develop muscle definition in places that have only wobbled before. As for my goal, I’ve lost 16kg (2.5 stone) in 17 weeks and really do think I might lose 20kg eventually!
  • Dan Joy

    "I wouldn’t be making these really important health changes without you.  It means a lot to me and my wife" - Dan Joy

    Back from my BUPA assessment! 4cm off my waist measurement, my bodyfat has gone down from 26.3% to 24.2%, my cholesterol has gone down from 7.3 to 5.7 (which they said was a massive leap and takes me down a risk category), I am now in a ‘better than average’ risk from heart disease for my age, instead of ‘average’ last year, and my ability to handle workload (VO2 Max and efficiency of my heart in delivering oxygen to my body) were outstanding for my age apparently?!  They had to crank the wattage on the bike up to get my heartbeat registering!

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