Contributed by Matt Stafford

The majority of us are living longer now, and will hopefully live well into our eighties.

Many of our grandparents had manual jobs, which helped them to remain strong and active.

Unfortunately today, the majority of the population have desk-based jobs and very rarely do anything strength- related. Much of life is now automated to such an extent that avoiding exercise is very, very easy.

Problems like poor posture, tight hips and sore backs can be a result of these types of jobs. Daily calorie expenditure will be extremely low in a sedentary job which could cause weight gain and lethargy.

One thing is for SURE, I personally don’t want to be immobile and unable to move when I’m older. I want to challenge the ‘ageing’ concept as much as possible and inspire others to do the same.

Lifelong strength is NOT about stepping onto a bodybuilding stage or making a personal record at a powerlifting meet. Lifelong strength is about:

  • Picking up grandchildren with ease and no pain.
  • Spending the afternoon in the garden, weeding and digging.
  • Picking up suitcases and placing them into the overhead compartment without pulling a muscle or getting to our heartrate max.
  • Having a good physiological reserve to help prevent and fight illnesses that crop up.
  • Having strong tendons and ligaments that will protect me from spells in hospital from a fall.
By just doing 3 simple strength sessions per week, you’ll drastically improve strength and protect us from age related problems. You don’t have to set world records. It’s just a simple case of lifting a little more each week and being consistent. It’ll will work wonders.

The decisions we make now impact our future. One thing that drives me to train each day, is being strong and healthy in my senior years. Coaching, educating and inspiring others to do the same is why I am a personal trainer. If you need some help or guidance, contact me here – you can come and spend a FREE hour with me and chat about anything health and fitness related!

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