Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo uses Herbalife? He does – just look:


It’s annoying, really, because the Herbalife idiots always pull it out. If one of the best footballers the world has ever seen uses it, how dare you, a dumb PT, say it’s a rubbish product? Bugger. That stumps a lot of arguments. But look deeper:


Hmmm. Ok – now this is odd. A footballer at the top of his game, relying on Herbalife AND fast food? Maybe he doesn’t use Herbalife after all…and maybe he doesn’t live on KFC. What could possibly be the connection here?


Yep, that’s a face exerciser. No, I don’t know either.

I think I’ve found the link. £££££. Or $$$$$. Or whatever the “Euro” symbol is. Let’s not bash Ronnie too much here. He’s a commercial entity, he exists to play football and make money. It’s annoying, but it’ll never stop. Let’s all be sensible and realise he’s a pretty face selling any product that pays him enough. And he WILL get serious money.

I don’t have a massive problem with that kind of thing. People should know better that to not understand marketing. I doubt George Clooney drinks Nespresso with Jack Black, either.

But what of us ordinary folks? What of run-of-the-mill PTs and fitness models touting Slendertone, Bootea, cherry extract and African mango juices? Why do THEY do it?

Companies like these often pay people with large followings on social media to promote this garbage. They may pay a retainer, or pay a couple of hundred quid a post for some idiot to grin at a shaker full of gunk they’ll never drink. A couple of hundred quid – something a decent PT can earn in a morning – to utterly destroy your reputation as a credible trainer.

Do you really think these people use these products? I’ll give you two reasons: either they genuinely believe in the product, in which case they’re an idiot. Don’t trust a word they say. Or, worse, they KNOW it’s bullshit and they still try to promote it. Now they’re nasty little parasites trying to milk cash out of the gullible. Which is worse? Ignorance? Willful deceit? It’s often hard to tell.

Maybe they confuse cause and effect? “I bought a Slendertone, used it every day – oh, and yeah, I started at the gym and began watching my diet”. Well, genius, I’m guessing it wasn’t the daft little belt you wore while watching TV at night that made the change. I know we all feel the need to justify our purchases, and our egos don’t like us admitting we got conned into buying a silly product, but come on – try and stop the train. Try to stop others making the same mistakes. Don’t perpetuate the bullshit; that’s what they WANT you to do!

This could easily run to a dissertation level of wordage. I could reference examples of PTs, Z-list celebs and wannabes that do this crap day in day out (clue: anyone from Geordie Shore), but what’s the point? If you’re the kind of gullible sap that fell for this scam more than once…you kinda deserve to get rinsed.

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