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I approached RWF following a lack of results and frustrations at a leisure centre gym. This turned out to be one of my better decisions in life!

I discussed with Derran my goals and we swiftly set to work. Training with Derran has been an incredible learning experience, all the way from training techniques through nutrition to anatomical mechanics. I’ve attended 4 different gyms historically in my attempts to train well and not one came close to that  family/social feel of RWF. I walk in and guaranteed to be greeted with a hello and a smile, be it from Derran, another PT or another member…this all adds to that charm allowing my training to gather serious momentum.

I’m now 33kgs down. I look, and most importantly feel, better than I can ever remember. This is just the start; and a year in, I wish I’d started this way sooner.

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