One of our biggest gripes as coaches is hearing all the different diet myths that float around,passed from person to person as if they’re facts. 

We’ve got a great name for ourselves at RWF, with a strict no-bullshit approach, and we’re aware we probably come off sounding like we think our way on everything is best. And actually, that’s true – but its not ‘our way’. It’s just the most efficient way of reaching goals. Much like the invention of the wheel has worked out rather well for humanity, we have never tried (and will never try) to reinvent the “how to” of reaching physical goals.

We present very clear facts to people. Not opinions, and not what we’d wish were true.

Facts like, if you’re in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

And, if you lift relatively heavy weights with progressive overload, you will get stronger.

And, if you want to grow some muscle, you’ll need to be a calorie excess.

Unfortunately, the media, your family, your friends and a certain (rather large) section of the fitness industry would rather tell you lies, or pass on inaccurate misinformation.

Here’s a few things we hear, and therefore you probably hear too, that we thought we’d shed some light on!

“Bob at the office eats what he likes and is still as thin as a rake”

Reality: Bob is very disorganised. He doesn’t eat breakfast, and has a slice of toast for his evening meal. Bob also cycles 3 miles into work each day. When work provide food for him, or there’s cake in the office, Bobs eats as much as he possibly can and appears to be rather greedy, but due to his activity levels and the fact he eats very little outside of work,  everyone thinks he can eat anything and get away without his body weight increasing.

“Susan says she has a slow metabolism so can’t lose weight”

Reality: Susan is by far the least active person in the office. Outside of walking from her front door to her car, and then from her car to the office, she does not do any exercise and has a step count of 2,000 steps a day. Susan loves calorie dense foods like chocolate, pasta and nuts, and so is also consuming an ultra high calorie diet despite not appearing to eat much food, which is keeping her weight high.

“Sarah is trying to build muscle but no matter what she eats she can’t gain weight”

Reality: Sarah is not eating enough. End of. She’s hitting the gym every night and working really hard, but by the time she gets home she’s too tired to cook properly, so has a shake and some fruit then hits the shower and bed. She needs to include more calorie dense food, plan her post-workout meals better, and consistently be in a calorie surplus to increase her bodyweight.

“My Husband Jerry is doing great all week on his diet and only having one cheat meal a week and he’s still not losing weight!”

Reality: Jerry is doing great in the week, he’s eating nutrient-dense, calorie-light meals, keeping himself in a 200 calorie per day deficit. But then on a Sunday he’s having all his normal meals, plus his ‘cheat meal’ which consists of a whole garlic bread, a Meat Feast pizza and a tub of ice cream totaling 5000 calories, which is wiping out the deficit he’s created in the week. Jerry needs to stick to his calories on the weekend as well as through the weekdays. The food Jerry craves on the weekend can be consumed in moderation on whichever days he likes, as long as he sticks to his calorie deficit overall across the week.

Do you know a Jerry? A Susan? A Sarah?

These gaining weight/losing weight situations are almost never related to medical conditions. They are, in our experience, always related to habits, lifestyle and willpower.

Hearing more and more stuff like this and want to question it? Drop us a message and we’ll try and clear up any other suspected myths!

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