We originally wrote this article over two years ago when we first set up RWF Gym. We found that we had some people questioning what we charge, and why we were worth it – and others taking joy from predicting our inevitable demise. That article is below this update.

But what has changed since then? What do we offer now that we didn’t then?

The gym is going from strength to strength in 2019. The PT side is ever-increasing, and a re-focusing on gaining respectful, friendly gym members has made sure the vision of the gym we wanted when we set up has become reality.

Here’s some hidden perks you get from being a member at Real World Fitness Gym in Nottingham…

Coffee, water, protein shakes, pre-workout, vegan supplements, oats, ready-meals, occasional birthday cake…whether you need boosting up, help recovering, an intra-workout boost or just plain forgot to eat, we’re always pretty stocked up on something to keep you fueled.

Imagine walking up to the David Lloyd or Virgin reception and asking if you can have a bowl of oats with a scoop of protein powder in? Imagine not being asked to pay for it?

Like filming your vids for technique analysis (or pure Insta braggery)? Since day one in the gym we’ve provided tripods for people to set their phone/cameras up so they can film themselves from the best angle ever. It’s great for people getting coached by someone at the other end of the country, and great for us to see how our own clients are cracking on with their solo sessions away from their one-to-one time.

Did I mention free coffee? This deserves highlighting again but I think we’ve banged on about that enough for almost three years. We’re still providing it to the RWFGYM clan daily!

We’re inundated with enquiries about our PT services. Quite frankly, it’s because we’re great at what we do. Maybe that sounds arrogant, but it’s not supposed to be: our PTs have something like 100,000hrs of training and coaching experience between them. Try finding that at Virgin/Roko/David Lloyd.

Genuinely expert advice on anything fitness and nutrition; tinged with sometimes brutal honesty when needed. 

Since the original article was written we get to call Laura an actual athlete. We always used to, but now it has her backing due to her competing in the Commonwealth Games 2018 and just missing out on a medal. Want some Olympic lifting coaching? Here’s a testimonial from one of Laura’s weight lifting clients. Oh, and she’s also changed her name since then from Hewitt, to joining the illustrious Wheatcroft heritage, taking the total Wheatcrofts in the gym to three. Lucky girl (?).

Social media addict? Like reading an e-book between sets or devouring an album but don’t want to rinse your data allowance? Everyone gets access to the WiFi. We’ve covered your data, so we may as well keep your battery topped up too, right? Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your charger, we’ve got every type of charger you’ll need.

Injured? Little niggle that won’t go away? Just fancy a relaxing massage after a long day? We have a massage therapist and sport therapist available most days at the gym, male and female. Just ask us about booking in – you don’t need to be a member to use them!

Sounds like heaven right? Well, not quite. But as far as gyms go we’re pretty good. Drop by for  a coffee and chat if you like what you’ve read here and want to see how we can help you, or get in touch here for a free session.

Original article here:

So, we’ve had the RWF Gym for nearly four months now.

And we’ve learned a LOT. Most of it good, and a lot of it relating to strategic timing of coffee to keep you alert over 15hr days…

Things have gone better than expected. We’ve signed up a big chunk of the members towards our first year’s goals, and the personal training side of the business has grown drastically too (an unexpected, but very pleasant, side-effect).

One thing that has cropped up from “walk in” potential gym members is price, though. So, we thought we should explain exactly why we charge what we charge.

We charge £50 a month for a gym membership (or £40 if you’re having any PT with us). We also offer day passes at £6 for people who can only get to us infrequently.


For people who don’t know anything about RWF, and think we’re “just another gym”, the first response we often get is “that’s expensive. I could join X for the same” or “but X only charge £15 a month”. The flippant answer would be, why not go and join those places then? But, sometimes, the benefits of joining a gym like ours might not be apparent on a casual look.

  • We don’t have queues for equipment.
  • We have more squat racks, Olympic bars and plates per member than ANY other gym in Nottingham
  • We don’t have broken/cheap equipment.
  • We have members that ALL, without exception, tidy up after themselves and put weights away
  • We offer anyone free help with their training – whether that’s form checks or even simple programming issues. Everyone. Free.
  • We have a zero tolerance to drugs, to idiotic behaviour, to half-naked mirror selfies and to anti-social gym habits.

To be perfectly honest, the last point there is where price comes in. Yes, you could join the local Big Dave’s Gym and work out with the roiders for £15 a month. If that’s your scene, go for it. It isn’t ours, never will be, and we didn’t set this place up for that. Likewise, you could join one of the plethora of Health Clubs and have a pool, sauna and Boxercise classes you’ll never use. Great – again, if that’s what you want, that’s a far better use of your money than joining us. Incidentally, the vast majority of our sign ups have come from people leaving those kind of places…

But. If you’re serious about your training, and you want to be able to squat, or bench, or deadlift without having to use bent bars, wait half an hour for the one squat rack to come free, or fight past 15 guys all shouting “it’s all you bro” on the bench press, then we’re the place.

If you have any aspirations to get stronger, maybe even compete in powerlifting or Olympic lifting, or just learn how, you can come and train amongst the gym owners and PTs – who all actually compete, and walk the walk.

We have members from all walks of life – bank managers, partners in legal firms, property developers, self-employed from all sectors, GPs, consultants, students, kids from 10yrs old and up, OAPs – all with a common factor; respect.

In four months, we’ve not yet had to put equipment away after someone. We’ve not had to have any awkward conversations about behaviour. Every member seems to get on with us (the free coffee helps, no doubt), and with everyone else. As a result, even the more nervous gym members feel confident to come in and train, whether someone is deadlifting 200kg right next to them or not. It’s brilliant seeing guys with 150kg bench presses giving tips to someone just starting out.

That’s what we wanted to create, and that’s what charging that little extra means. So, no – we won’t ever be charging £15 a month, offering cheap January memberships, or any of the other deals that gyms normally promote to get money in at all costs. We’re after a gym that has a certain feel to it, not just about chasing whatever money we can get our hands on. Quality, not quantity – and that’s why we’ll still be in business 20, 30 or 40 years from now.

If you want somewhere where the training is more important than the business stats, come and see us. As one of our older members said last week, “you’re not cheap, but I don’t want you to be. Cheap doesn’t last”.

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