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Do I need to have personal training to use the gym?

No, not at all!

RWF is fully open to the general public. Although many of our members do have personal training, there’s absolutely no need to have sessions with the trainers in order to join. Please see the gym page for details of gym-only membership.

Can I have personal training, but not join the gym?

Of course! We have quite a few clients who find it more convenient to do their solo sessions at a gym nearer their home/work, but come to RWF for their personal training. That’s fine! If you’re happy with your current gym, but just want to tap into our PT expertise, you’re more than welcome. You won’t ever get a hard sell to join the gym.

Do you have parking?

Yes – pretty much unlimited. We have plenty of parking dedicated to the gym, but also have use of a 200-space communal car park within 60 seconds walk of the gym. You will never be stuck for a free-of-charge parking spot, regardless of time of day.

I don't drive - can I get a bus to you?

Yes. We have an excellent bus service to the gym. In fact, the bus stop is directly opposite our front door!

The No.50 runs every half an hour during the day, Mon-to-Sat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run on a Sunday.

Here’s the link to the timings:

I cycle - is there anywhere safe to leave my bike?

Yes – we have a bike-shack, with railings you can secure your bike to. It’s within our private car park, so as safe as it gets!

Do you offer day passes?

Yes, at £10 per person, per day. Just turn up and ask one of the staff, and they’ll sort a pass out for you.

Can my son/daughter train here as they are under 16?

Yes, that’s no problem. They must be accompanied by a paying adult though. We add under 16s to any adult’s membership for an additional £20 a month.

I'm an experienced lifter. Am I going to be welcome coming in and lifting heavy?

Of course! RWF have long been involved in powerlifting, and so are very accommodating to strong lifters. Our kit is perfectly set up for you to lift as heavy as you like – we’ll even spot you if needed.

I'm a complete newbie to the gym. Am I going to feel intimidated?

We certainly hope not! Over half of the gym membership has had, or is having, personal training. Not everyone in any gym is perfect at lifting, and we’re no different. We’ve deliberately created a gym where a seasoned lifter can be working out next to someone having their first session, and no-one feels out of place. And, if you really need some guidance, we have a team of expert PTs to help you out.

Doesn't everyone in strength gyms take steroids?

No, is the short answer. Unfortunately, small gyms and those that lean towards strength training often fall foul of this misconception.

RWF is, and has always been, strongly opposed to steroids and Performance Enhancing Drugs in sport, whether that’s professional sport or hobbyists.

As such, we don’t only disapprove of steroid/PED use, but we actively ban it from the gym. Any member found to be using has their membership cancelled.

As a family friendly, “real world” training environment, there’s just no place for it here.

Gyms are full of 20-somethings. I'm older, I'll feel out of place!

We have gym members and personal training clients in their 70s!

In fact, over half of our gym membership is over 40yrs old.

RWF is designed to make sure you feel comfortable whatever your age, starting ability or goals. Don’t ever think you’re too old to get started!

Our PTs have extensive experience with all age groups – if you’re nervous, book a chat with one of us and we’ll talk you through the process over a coffee!

I'm looking for a personal trainer in West Bridgford, can you help?

Yes! We’re only 8 mins away from West Bridgford, and we have plenty of parking so you can get to the gym, complete your session with one of our fantastic personal trainers, and be home again in no time! Remember you can book one free personal training session with no obligation, so if you’re in West Bridgford and looking for a personal trainer, we’ve got you covered!

I'm looking for a female personal trainer, can you help?

Of course! We have two of the very best female personal trainers in Nottingham, so if you’d prefer a female personal trainer, just ask when you book your free taster session!

I had a personal trainer before and didn’t notice any progress…but training with Derran has been a completely different experience.


I started to feel the benefits immediately, and now my shoulder is fixed!


The thing that I value most about the PT aspect is the individuality


I’ve lost 33kg working with Derran at RWF!


I’ve already seen significant improvements that had previously evaded me no matter what I tried.


I’m now walking again pain free!

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