There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about gaining muscle and strength. The truth is, it’s about consistent hard work, attention to your diet, and using your training time intelligently. You wouldn’t expect to be able to service your own car without doing a little research and experimenting first, yet so many people walk into a gym blind…and are quickly disheartened by a lack of results.

Your body doesn’t necessarily want to generate extra muscle. After all, it takes a lot of effort for the body to grow and maintain lean tissue. To encourage it to go in the direction you want to go, you need to do three main things:

  1. Supply an excess of energy (i.e calories)
  2. Supply a consistent stimulus to your muscles
  3. Get adequate rest and recovery

Muscles increase in size through repairing themselves after intense activity. Firstly, you need to provide that activity in a structured way, and secondly, you need to ensure you have enough incoming energy to ensure that the re-building happens at an optimal level.

How often you train, which exercises you pick, the number of repetitions and sets – all of these things impact on your size increases, and whilst there is no one-size-fits-all training programme, there are certain elements common to any successful trainee.

At Real World Fitness, we can manage both your training and your diet to ensure that none of your valuable gym time is wasted, and that everything you do is geared towards increasing your lean body mass. Incorporating tried and tested conditioning methods as well, our programmes ensure that your weight gain doesn’t come at a price of sacrificing your overall fitness, or body fat, levels.

We will teach you (or assess and if necessary improve your form) all of the major compound movements – the squat, the deadlift, the bench press, bent over rows, chin-ups and dips, military presses and basic Olympic lifts.oklahomajubilee As you learn and improve your technique, you will notice dramatic improvements in your strength, size and conditioning.

We can work with you at a number of gyms in the Nottingham area, or further afield subject to a small travel cost. Check out the website and contact us to discuss your training.

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