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Looking for a female personal trainer in Nottingham?

If you're looking for a female personal trainer in Nottingham, we have two of the best!

We understand that some people don’t care whether they have a male or female personal trainer – but some do!

Studies show that there’s been an increase in the number of female personal trainers in recent years, and women now make up almost half of all personal trainers in the UK, compared to only 35% in 2013.

Everybody entering the gym has different preferences, and we respect that some women may prefer working with a female personal trainer who understands their personal challenges, confidence issues, or hormonal changes.

So if you’re looking for a female personal trainer in Nottingham, we have the very best! Sophie and Emily are fantastic experienced trainers and they’re looking forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Let us know you’d like to speak to them when claiming your FREE personal training session – we’ll arrange a suitable time for them to welcome you to Real World Fitness and build a plan to reach your objectives.

We’re easy to get to from West Bridgford, Lady Bay, Edwalton and Trent Basin, and close to Burton Joyce, Carlton, Mapperley and all the east of the city.

So wherever you are, if you’re looking for a female personal trainer in Nottingham and beyond, you’ve come to the right place!


Sophie Reynolds

Hi, I’m Sophie – a third-year Sport and Exercise Science student at NTU, and an experienced personal trainer.

My fitness journey began in 2017 with an initial goal of losing weight and changing the way I looked. I quickly fell in love with the way training me feel physically and mentally. I now train for strength and am aiming to compete in powerlifting competitions in the future.

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2018, and I love helping other women achieve their fitness goals and boost their self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.

If you want to lose weight, gain strength, and improve your health with a female personal trainer, I can’t wait to meet you to discuss your objectives.

Book a FREE session with me today!

Real World Fitness is a warm, welcoming, and completely non-judgemental space, so whether you’re stepping into a gym for the very first time or a seasoned trainer, remember to claim your free 7-day gym trial and we’ll book a suitable time to welcome you!

Emily Harvey

Hi, I’m Emily – a 39-year-old mum of two energetic young boys.

My love for fitness and exercise started over 20 years ago, when I discovered my local gym and fitness classes and realised what a happy buzz I felt from the environment and how inspiring I found the people teaching and training alongside me.

Fast forward a few years and jobs later, and I finally took the plunge, re-trained, and qualified to become a personal trainer.

Clients say my love, passion and ever-growing fitness knowledge, along with my energetic, enthusiastic, glass-half-full outlook on life shines through when we’re training.

It really is the job of my dreams; helping others feel good about themselves, achieving their goals and potential. Seeing people fall in love with exercise, expanding their knowledge, and understanding the benefits of exercise and healthy eating. Helping to motivate, encourage and inspire clients to improve their fitness levels, look after and invest in themselves and their future health.

I understand the courage it takes to start out, the trust you‘re putting in me to get you to where you want to be, how you want to look, and more importantly how you want to feel about yourself.

Maybe I’ve been in your shoes? I was the overweight teenager who lacked body confidence in her late teens and early 20s. I’ve carried and delivered two big babies (one via an emergency C-section). I exercised throughout my pregnancies and when sleep was regularly disturbed, with a baby in tow. I’ve had major surgery, keeping me off exercise and out of the gym for months. Like most of us, I juggle exercise around work, home and family life. I’m also a sociable person, who loves her food, enjoys a glass of wine, has a sweet tooth and likes to bake.

I exercise and eat well for my physical and mental health, to keep aches and pains away, and to be stronger and more confident.

I exercise to give me the best chance of a long and healthy life, to be the friend that says yes to a hike or run, to be a ‘fun mum‘ and to keep up on a walk or cycle, to play tag in the playground, to see my kids grow up. And yes, nearing 40, I want to look good too!

I’ve been there, done that, have the scars to prove it and most importantly understand you.

If you’re ready to put the work in, to turn your wants, goals and dreams into real-life achievements and gains, then what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Book a FREE session with me today! or claim your free 7-day gym trial and I’ll see you in the gym!

I had a personal trainer before and didn’t notice any progress…but training with Derran has been a completely different experience.


I started to feel the benefits immediately, and now my shoulder is fixed!


The thing that I value most about the PT aspect is the individuality


I’ve lost 33kg working with Derran at RWF!


I’ve already seen significant improvements that had previously evaded me no matter what I tried.


I’m now walking again pain free!

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