Did you know you could do this at RWF Gym?

At Real World Fitness Gym, a large number of gym members are having professional coaching.

But for those that don’t use our coaching and like to program for themselves, we thought we’d offer some suggestions of movements you might not think you could do here.

Let’s do a little boasting first; we’re the only gym around these parts with a ROGUE Reverse Hyperextension, along with dedicated Seal Row, Glute Ham Raise and Hip Thrust stations. These will not be found in any commercial gym, or most other independent gyms.

We have landmine attachments meaning you can do a variety of exercises via a barbell wedged safely into one of the squat racks.

Most of the movements you have in your normal program can be performed as a single limb or unilateral exercises. For example; single leg presses, single arm pulldowns, single leg extensions, or single arm dumbbell chest or shoulder presses.

Unilateral work is great for ironing out weaknesses and enjoying a new challenge. We deliberately bought a unilateral lat pulldown and unilateral leg extension so that people could train single limbs – as well as being great in “normal” training, it can massively aid in injury rehab programmes.

No-one ever had hamstrings that were too strong did they? With the reverse hyper, back extension and glute ham raise there is a fair bit of hamstring stimulation. But for a even more isolated strain of the hamstrings you could try doing some hamstring curls using dumbbells? You’ll have to ask someone to help you place them between your feet but you can replicate a normal lying leg curl with this method. Alternatively you can do leg curls on the leg extension machine. Just turn the other way!

We have a great range of bands to choose from. You’ll mostly see people use these for warming up, but they can be a great training aid for a lot of difference exercises. You can add them into your compound movements like squats, bench press and deadlifts to vary the difficulty at different parts of the lifts. You can use them all most exercises to create extra tension but warning: it will burn!

We have a whole bunch of speciality bars too – axle bars, trap bars, EZ curl bars, hammer curl bars, deadlift bars, football/swiss bars – that can all add a very different dimension to even the most basic of barbell lifts. Simply changing the bar you use can induce a WHOLE different level of aches and pains…

If you’re ever in doubt – just ask us! Unlike most gyms, there is ALWAYS at least one highly experienced PT on the gym floor that will be more than willing to help you out or answer questions. Don’t be shy – we’re here to help; it’s our job!

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