A huge part of PTing is teaching.

A huge proportion of PTs think that beasting a client is what they are there for.

AT RWF, we don’t do “beastings”.

Any idiot can stand over someone and shout “1 more rep” until their client collapses.

Not many can explain, demonstrate and teach someone how to train in THEIR language, and adapt their teaching style to make sure that you 100% get what you’re being asked to do.

Often, it’ll be several weeks before a new client will do a full programme, because there is SO much to teach properly before you throw someone into a structured training plan.

One of the comments we repeatedly get here at RWF is “I didn’t realise how much there was to learn”. Our goal is to teach people to become independent in their training, not reliant on us forever.

We simply will not risk injuring people, or have them blindly train without knowing why they’re doing what they’re doing, because it’s simply not what being a PT is about.

If you want proper, structured training and are prepared to learn, to leave the ego at home, and to actually make some progress, come and have a chat with us. Even if you’ve had PT before elsewhere, I promise we’re very, very different…


Don’t want PT? That’s fine – we are a gym open to everyone. You don’t need to be a PT client to train here. Check out www.rwfgym.co.uk for membership plans.

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