What will you be facing when you start out in the gym?

I’m going to talk through some typical issues a lot of people will face when starting out a weight training program. These issues will typically be present as a result of a lifelong participation in a sport, leading a very inactive lifestyle or executing poor technique in the gym for an extended period.

1) Poor posture

So what is good posture?

“Stand up straight” and “sit up straight” may sound like clear instructions – but they are anything but when the body does not have the ability to support doing so. We can help analyse your posture and teach you which key points to focus on. It’s often not as simple as just “stand up straight”.

Training the muscles that support good posture is key, as they have most likely become weak or inactive. Strengthening your back muscles will play a huge part in improving your posture.

2) Bad Back

Weak, tight and under-used glutes and hamstrings will almost certainly give you a bad back. Most people we come into contact with do NOT have a ‘bad back’ but have simply neglected the body for an extended period leaving their muscles, tendons and ligaments unable to support the structure of the body.

A focus needs to be put on relieving the tightness of these muscles, and then slowly activating them, to allow the body to start working as a unit. It’s hard to give advice to a general population, getting competent at compound movements will really help you towards this.

See some of the great successes RWF have had with back pain here, here and here.

3) Forward shoulders

Sat at the desk all day? The rest of your evening staring at your phone or tv?

This is already probably, or will probably cause you neck pain. Your chest muscles will be shortened and tight, and your back muscles overstretched and over used. This can be combated by point number 1) and number 2). Improve your posture, seriously strengthen the body to the point where it can support your skeletal structure. Heavy back work and careful stretching of the pecs will go a long way to relieving your neck pain.

Have all three of these symptoms?

Don’t worry, you’re in the majority. You’ve got a little work to do but it will be the best thing you’ve done for your body and it will repay you greatly by getting back to doing things you thought you’d never do again. We’ve had countless males and females over 40 years old rediscovering their physical ability and showing great feats of strength along the way.

Worst thing you can do now? Just carry on as you are. These symptoms will only get worse if you take no action or continue to poorly execute your current exercise regime.

The body is designed to work as a unit. Give it the tools to do that and unlock your potential. After all, you only get one body.

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