At Real World Fitness we’re big into our strength training.

Our knowledge on strength training is not just for those who want to compete, but forms the foundation of most people’s programs in most goals, including muscle gain and weight loss. Check out our testimonials page for proof.

We have had a lot of success with back pain clients getting their strength to the point where they can get back to playing sports, back to walking pain free and reducing or completely eliminating dependency on pain killers. We’ve rehabbed knee injuries and hip replacements through appropriate, structured weight training.

Let’s face it, putting everything else aside, life is easier when you’re strong. Carrying the shopping from your car inside? One trip. Children to carry? No problem. Car stuck and needs a push start? You stand a fighting chance of not needing the AA.

So, what IS strength training?

Strength training is increasing the force that a person can exert in a single maximum contraction. What does that mean? Basically, less effort needed to achieve more. Things that are tough now, get easier.

Why is it so good for us?

Builds muscle – Studies across a variety of populations have demonstrated that muscles grow in a very broad variety of rep ranges, not just your typical bodybuilding ’10-12 reps to build muscle’. You can grow muscle training with lower reps, higher reps and everything in-between.

Burns fat – Like all exercise, strength training will increase your energy expenditure. While you may not feel like you’re doing as much workload in lesser rep ranges, you’ll still be doing heavy compound lifts that will be forcing the body burn calories, build muscle and build strength at the same time. Your body will be recovering from this well after your workout requiring energy long after you leave the gym.

Improves – bone density, ligament, tendon and joint strength will all be increased by lifting heavy weights. This is especially important as we age. You will be much less likely to be seriously injured by any trips, falls or lifting the kids into the car.

Reduces the risk of injury – Scared of getting injured? Strength training with weights can seriously help safeguard you from damaging yourself when done properly. Don’t just think you cant get fit because you’re over a certain age. The human body is a highly adaptive machine and if you show it you want to be fit and strong, it will follow your lead.

Gives a great sense of achievement – Considering strength training will most likely run alongside your other goals anyway, why wouldn’t you want to improve your self-esteem and confidence by showing you can do something that takes hard work, determination and consistency?

Want to work under expert guidance? Come and have a coffee with one of us and let’s have brainstorm on the best way YOU can do it.

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