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Training During and After Pregnancy


Many people have a ‘no chance’ attitude to training once they become pregnant.

That’s understandable. For a first time mum, it’s a new, bewildering experience and you want to do everything right. You don’t want to take any chances. We understand that.

The thing is, training during your pregnancy could be one of the best decisions you ever make.


Shorter, less painful labour

Increased blood and oxygen supply to your baby

Less back pain during the pregnancy

Easier to regain your ‘pre-pregnancy’ figure after the birth


For many women, knowing how to get back into exercise after giving birth is also a minefield – we can help. We can ensure you don’t make the typical mistakes that can cause injuries, and prevent you from over-exercising too soon.

We have countless hours of experience training women during and after pregnancy. We’re fully qualified and insured.

What’s more, you’ll get to train in a totally private environment, away from prying eyes, so you can concentrate on YOU.

Some words from client Lou Silver:

“Having been training as a kick-boxer 3-4 times a week for a few years, I was really worried about losing my fitness whilst pregnant.

Being teetotal for the first time, I re-allocated my beer money as fitness money and started training with Derran at 6 weeks pregnant (slightly odd that my personal trainer was the first person to know about my pregnancy!) and he supported me to push myself as far as I was able to go during my first trimester when I was very tired and sick. Everything was tailored to suit my stage of pregnancy and my energy levels on that particular day. I was more toned than I had ever got through kickboxing, and in spite of being pregnant!

As my pregnancy progressed we modified some of the exercises to take the pressure off my abs (and my bladder!), but added in a bit more boxing to keep my stamina up. I am absolutely certain that without Derran’s help with training, motivation and pushing through when you feel you’ve nothing more to give I would have found my labour (3 and a half days induction ending in emergency c-section…!) far harder than I did. As it was I was able to manage without pain relief until half way through the third day, and only then due to fatigue.

When my baby was 7 weeks old I was back at the gym, and after another 10 weeks of light training I was back at the kettle bells. I eventually lost the 17lb of baby weight which I’d piled on after the birth, largely due to the fact that every visitor came laden with cakes!

I would definitely recommend Real World Fitness to support anyone throught their pregnancy”

If you would like more information on training whilst pregnant, or soon after pregnancy, feel free to contact us here. We can also offer specific training plans and support on a one-to-one or small group basis, at our standard rates.