Performance First


Feel strong.


Make everyday life easier, less stressful and less tiring.


We will make that happen, in just 2 hours a week.




We see time after time how getting stronger solves problems.



It cures ‘bad backs’


It drops dress sizes and tightens belts, and makes dramatic transformations


It can reverse some health conditions, including diabetes


It reduces blood cholesterol levels


It makes life easier, more enjoyable and less stressful





That’s not to say it doesn’t require considerable effort. But you can remove so many of the niggles, worries and everyday issues that you might have come to accept as ‘normal’.

There’s no need to suffer with aching knees (often weak hamstrings), a bad back (often weak glutes and poor posture), constant tension headaches (posture and tight muscles in the upper back). Why suffer daily with things that are often ‘curable’ in just two or three hours effort a week?

We focus on Performance First. We aim to get you stronger and fitter than you currently are, and as a result people inevitably look better, feel better and have more confidence. We’ve not met many people that don’t want a little bit more of that in their life.




Personal training isn’t about shouting at you, or telling you you’re not good enough. It’s about building you up and throwing you back into the world stronger and more confident.

Come and talk to us. We don’t charge for a first visit to let us explain to you how it all works. There’s nothing to be scared of, nothing to lose but an hour of your time – but you’ve got an awful lot to gain.

Contact us here, and mention the Performance First programme.

Our standard PT rates apply.

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