Adding muscle makes you look, and perform, better.

We’ll show you how to add muscle to YOUR body to meet YOUR goals.

We’ve taken countless ‘ordinary’ people and made them stronger, made them feel they look better, and shown them that muscle building doesn’t mean you need to look like a bodybuilder.

Check our Testimonials page to see what results can look like.

You won’t suddenly wake up “looking like Arnie” (guys) or “a female bodybuilder” (ladies).  You’ll be taught how to do everything you need naturally, safely and within your (ever expanding!) limits.

We’ll teach you how to build muscle safely, over time, and how to eat and adjust your lifestyle to maximise your potential. If you want to get as muscular as possible, we’ll help. Just want to add a pound or two of muscle to see what difference it makes? We’ll help.

As trainers, we’ve been there and done it:

First pic, end of chemo, second pic, 7 years later


When it comes to women, there’s no huge difference in approach:

Screenshot_2016-02-01-08-19-15 - Copy


Want some of these results for yourself?

We’ll teach you what works for you. You can get fast results, rather than simply what everyone else is doing.

Check out our prices page for more details, or contact us. Your first session is free!

If you would like more information on any aspect of training feel free to contact us here. We offer specific training plans and support on a one-to-one or small group basis, at our standard rates.

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