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Absolute Beginners: “A How-To-Gym Guide”

I don’t know what to use 

Everyone will laugh at me 

The equipment is all too complicated 

I’m not fit/slim/strong enough to go 

Sound familiar? Put 12pm on Sundays into your diary.


At Real World Fitness, we often hear how people put off starting at a gym because of nerves, lack of confidence, or lack of knowledge. It’s daunting to enter an area that is often all about image – how you look, or how you perform. Most people new to the gym are perfectly aware that they don’t necessarily look the way they want, and often very quickly discover they can’t perform the way they want either.

Why on earth WOULD someone want to put themselves through the ‘first day at the gym’ fear? Hats off to the many that do – but there’s a way to make it all much easier.

We’re running a series of 6 week classes with the aim of teaching you all you need to know about how to do “gym stuff”.

By the time you’re ready to join a big commercial gym, you’ll know your cross-trainer from your Concept2, your free weights from your Boxercise, and your squat rack from your kettlebells. You’ll know what “sets and reps” mean, how to plan your own training properly, and  have learned the basics of decent, sustainable nutrition. We’ll even throw in a free recipe book.

You’ll learn all of this by DOING, not sitting and listening. These are active sessions – limited to 6 people per session – led by an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer. You’ll be taught the basics of movement, and how to make your body interact with gym equipment. We’ll teach you gym etiquette so you don’t have the worry of embarrassing yourself on day one, and we’ll make sure that when you walk into a big gym for the first time, you know what everything is, and how to use it.


You’ll do all of this in a private gym. There’ll be no-one watching you, other than the other people in the class who are in the same boat as you. Oh, and your PT – we can’t avoid that, I’m afraid!

There’s toilets and changing facilities on site, WiFi if you turn up early, and plenty of free car parking. There’s even a Nespresso machine keep you alert and raring to go. You’ll get all of this for just £6 per session. We won’t even charge for the coffee 🙂

There is no minimum level of fitness required to take part. We are actively wanting people who are new to the gym – and even if you’ve already got over the first hurdle of joining and attending, we can help you get so much more out of it.

12pm on Sundays

£6 per session

To apply to join the class, simply get in touch on 07739 904857, or by using the contact form