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Armand Brevig

Armand Brevig

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“I had suffered from debilitating back pain (including sciatic) for almost 5 years when I first met Derran on recommendation of an acquaintance. Previously a physiotherapist had helped me gain enough core strength to make training with weights a feasible next step. My goal was to continually build muscle in order to never suffer back pain again. In only 5 months Derran helped me achieve much more than I had dreamed possible.


Armand’s 15kg weight loss was a nice side-effect of the training we employed to strengthen his back


Given my recent memories of back pain hell, I was anxious to lift weights of even 5 kg when I started training. 5 months later I could confidently lift in excess of 100 kg while strengthening my back in the process, and without fear of any pain relapses. A side benefit, which I had not anticipated, was more than 15 kg weight loss by effortlessly changing eating habits – mentored by Derran. Overall I feel lighter, happier, stronger, more energetic and much younger than I did 5 months ago.

There are 3 key ways in which Derran works, which have enabled him to be a catalyst for my dramatic transformation:

1. He builds a trusting client relationship, which starts by listening to the client and taking a very tailored approach. Derran always puts the client’s goals, well-being and interests first. This includes giving the client the tools to ensure that improvements remain sustainable in the long term.

2. Derran is uncompromising on lifting form and technique, and will ensure you know how to do an exercise right, rather than just piling on more weight. Because the right technique quickly becomes second nature any anxiety about getting hurt disappears, and I am now confident enough to undertake my ongoing training alone. However, I always see Derran regularly to ensure I am on track and to keep my training programme evolving.

3. Derran relentlessly pursues more knowledge in the areas of training and diet – but not just knowledge for the sake of it. The type of insight Derran seeks is knowledge that he can apply to improve clients’ life quality – from how to get the most out of your training efforts to effortless dieting. I say “effortless” because I feel fuller, yet eat less calories. Impossible? Not, with Derran’s intelligently applied insight.

Money spent on training with Derran is the best investment I have ever made, and I would warmly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their well-being.”

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