At RWF, we recognise that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Everybody has different goals to meet. So, there are various different price plans available:

Your first session is free…

Unsure about whether personal training is for you? Come to RWF for a cuppa and a chat – we offer your first hour-long, 1-to-1 consultation free of charge.

Contact us now on 07739 904857 to arrange your first session and get started.

One-to-one Personal Training

Full Session: from £40 (60 minutes)

Discounts are available for longer-term arrangements and block bookings

Group/Corporate Personal Training

Single Session: £60 for 2-6 people

Discounts are available for longer-term and corporate arrangements.

We currently work with several local companies, including Ikano, Specsavers and EMEA Recruitment.

Virtual Personal Training

£200 for three months, or £375 for six months (see here for details).You’ll receive unlimited, tailored, online coaching and nutrition planning. For this option, please get in touch via the Contact page. We strictly limit numbers to give a better service.

Whatever your requirements, get in touch

These clients transformed themselves... you can too.

  • Armand Brevig (One to one PT Client)

    I lost 15kg while curing my back pain!

    “I had suffered from debilitating back pain (including sciatic) for almost 5 years when I first met Derran on recommendation of an acquaintance. Previously a physiotherapist had helped me gain enough core strength to make training with weights a feasible next step. My goal was to continually build muscle in order to never suffer back pain again. In only 5 months Derran helped me achieve much more than I had dreamed possible.
  • Simran Purewal

    My goal was to go to university with a flat stomach and more confidence...

    I went away with not only that, but also the knowledge and drive to keep moving forward on my journey. When I was younger I always hated how I looked and I was teased at school for being overweight. I tried different diets and mainly sat on the bike at the gym thinking that I was doing the best I could do to lose the weight I had put on through my teenage years. My mum and I decided to have some weekly joint sessions with Tim...
  • Kate

    "…one year on 6 dress sizes smaller, I’ve lost 47kg… The difference is this time I’ll know I’ll succeed and more importantly I’ll keep it off."

    . I had reached a low point, I was sick of the endless yo yo diets and contradicting advice from people whom were all ‘supposed’ experts. I had tried every diet known to man…all that happened was i would lose alot, but gained back even more! I researched for someone who had experience in training people with back problems as I had undergone decompression surgery which had left me weak and also contributed to me piling on the pounds as I had been sedentary whilst recovering too. Read More...