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The Fitness Industry Lies To You

The Fitness Industry Lies To You

By on Nov 22, 2018 in Articles |

It seems to be human nature to focus on the little things that make no difference, while ignoring the vast areas of life that we can make positive changes to. We stress about being too busy at work, when in reality we could just work a bit smarter or turn up half an hour earlier. We stress about not sleeping enough, but stare at a screen for hours past our bedtime. We stress about money, but spend £100 on a night out at a weekend or sign up to a shiny new phone contract we don’t really need. We stress about our relationships with family and friends, but we still don’t pick up the phone often enough and actually make contact. With health and fitness, so often we “major in the minors”. We spend hours obsessing over what protein powder is best, what set/rep scheme is best, what our perfect macro split should be, whether Exercise A is better than Exercise B. And you know what? That’s all great. If – and here’s the kicker – IF you’re already actually doing something. All too often we see people worrying about what they should or shouldn’t eat to lose weight. Whether by cutting something out, or adding something in, the weight will come off quicker. The same people, when asked, will often have no clue how much they ate yesterday, or last week, or the week before. They’re focusing on a tiny area, while entirely missing the big picture – namely, what am I *already* doing. You can’t change what you don’t measure. The fitness industry doesn’t help. And it’s not unintentional killing with kindness either. It’s malicious, it’s cynical and it’s unethical. DNA and food intolerance testing when the practitioners KNOW full well the science is not strong enough to back it up. Fitness superstars injecting more performance enhancers than Arnie then claiming it “woz all the BCAAs wot done it, honest guv”. Girls in bikinis living off Daddy’s money (or worse – there’s a large section of Instagram fitness models that travel the world off the back of selling more than just slimming teas…) telling you to love your body whatever size you are, while secretly being borderline...

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