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How do I get enough protein?

How do I get enough protein?

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Ok – you’ve started a new fitness kick. It’s going great. But now your PT has told you to “up your protein intake”… The “why” isn’t what we’re going to get into here (let’s just say recovery, muscle growth/retention and feeling satisfied after a meal are the basic reasons), it’s the HOW and the WHAT. If you’re female, you’ve probably been given a daily target of anywhere between 80-120g. If you’re a guy, we could be talking anything from 140-200g (much more than that is overkill unless you’re The Rock). Don’t be daunted by the numbers. It’s perfectly do-able. But, there’s always a but, it won’t happen by accident. Getting enough protein in to support training and exercise is unlikely to happen by accident unless you’re already enough of a carnivore to give PETA nightmares. You’ll need to make sure that every main meal you consume has a protein source as the “main” part of it. You’ll also need to make sure than most of your snacks are based around protein sources, rather than carb sources. We’re thinking jerky, boiled eggs, protein bars, mini-cheeses etc, rather than Mars Bars and crisps. Vegetarians and vegans – sorry, it’s just a simple fact that you are going to REALLY plan your nutrition. Unless you plan on relying on supplements (not ideal) then you are going to struggle if you don’t plan. There are plenty of non-animal based foods that have protein, but not in anything like the quantities that meat has; even so-called high protein vegetarian/vegan protein sources require you to eat a huge quantity to simply get the protein content of one chicken breast.   To save you having to carry and pen and paper around with you all day, use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your food intake – our previous article here will help! What’s the best sources? So, let’s talk sources. Some are obvious – some not so.   Chicken and turkey are high protein (20-30%), but relatively low calorie – so an obvious top choice. Other meats all have varying quantities, but will generally be at least 15% protein. Dairy (milk, eggs, cheese) are lower down, but still have a good content – they just...

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