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How often should you train?

How often should you train?

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Back to Basics Every now and then, no matter whether you’ve been training decades or months, a good old fashioned turn-it-off-turn-it-on-again is needed. It’s human nature to convince ourselves we’re better than we are, or more advanced than we are, and there aren’t many arenas more susceptible to that than the gym. The hard truth is most of us aren’t so advanced that a re-boot back to the basics wouldn’t reap rewards – and probably more results than your “Ultimate Periodisation 90% MaxRep HulkSmash” programme your online coach has given you. So let’s dial it back. Let’s return to the basics and strip away the ego, and examine the variables that make training effective. Frequency vs Volume How often should I train? Or, how little can I train and get results? Pretty common queries from clients and gym members; and frustratingly, there’s not one answer. Damn – it’s almost like everyone is a bit different! Saying that, most people can do 90% of the same stuff and get results. Where the questions of how often and how hard come into it, is lifestyle. If you’ve got three kids, a 9-5 with a commute each end of the day, and you have to travel with work occasionally, it’s utterly pointless following a 5-day a week plan. You’ll crash and burn, unless you put your training above your family…and let’s just say, at RWF, we don’t think the gym is THAT important. If you’re a student with a demanding 15hrs a week of “work”, then of course, you can train almost daily. Your age will lend itself to good recovery too, and let’s face it, you sleep a lot. For you guys to train 2-3 times a week is probably a bit lazy. Circumstances are vital. An excuse isn’t an excuse if it’s a REASON. If you can only train twice a week, you have to train hard, you have to concentrate on the big movements (squat, deadlift, bench, some form of heavy row/chinup) in each session. You don’t have the time to do 15 different delt exercises, or attack the long head of the bicep from 12 different angles. Mentally, this training requires very little thought. You get loads of...

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