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“I could join *insert other gym* for that”

“I could join *insert other gym* for that”

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So, we’ve had the RWF Gym for nearly four months now. And we’ve learned a LOT. Most of it good, and a lot of it relating to strategic timing of coffee to keep you alert over 15hr days… Things have gone better than expected. We’ve signed up a big chunk of the members towards our first year’s goals, and the personal training side of the business has grown drastically too (an unexpected, but very pleasant, side-effect). One thing that has cropped up from “walk in” potential gym members is price, though. So, we thought we should explain exactly why we charge what we charge. We charge £50 a month for a gym membership (or £40 if you’re having any PT with us). We also offer day passes at £6 for people who can only get to us infrequently. For people who don’t know anything about RWF, and think we’re “just another gym”, the first response we often get is “that’s expensive. I could join X for the same” or “but X only charge £15 a month”. The flippant answer would be, why not go and join those places then? But, sometimes, the benefits of joining a gym like ours might not be apparent on a casual look. We don’t have queues for equipment. We have more squat racks, Olympic bars and plates per member than ANY other gym in Nottingham We don’t have broken/cheap equipment. We have members that ALL, without exception, tidy up after themselves and put weights away We offer anyone free help with their training – whether that’s form checks or even simple programming issues. Everyone. Free. We have a zero tolerance to drugs, to idiotic behaviour, to half-naked mirror selfies and to anti-social gym habits. To be perfectly honest, the last point there is where price comes in. Yes, you could join the local Big Dave’s Gym and work out with the roiders for £15 a month. If that’s your scene, go for it. It isn’t ours, never will be, and we didn’t set this place up for that. Likewise, you could join one of the plethora of Health Clubs and have a pool, sauna and Boxercise classes you’ll never use. Great – again, if...

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