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Getting Started: What can you expect from RWF?

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Contributed by Tim Wheatcroft   You’ve decided you want to get fit, improve your training, lose weight – whatever your goal is. You’ve emailed us and explained your circumstances, why you’re ready to start and what you want to achieve. Getting to this part is further than most people get, and is vitally important. So, once the initial contact has been made, what can you expect from us? For starters, we reply to any inquiries as quickly as possible, so we’ll get a response out to you the same day, often within a couple of hours. This response will be a relaxed one, with no hard-sell, and an acknowledgment of the details you provided in your inquiry. The next port of call is to invite you in for what we call a ‘consultation’ ,but is actually just us meeting for the first time over a cup of coffee and seeing if you like us. We’ll give you a tour of the gym and our private training rooms, and we’ll go through your goals and tell you what we think the best course of action is for you to achieve your goals, in the most efficient way possible. You probably won’t get any further than that in your consultation. You certainly won’t get ‘beasted’ and left in a puddle of your own sweat struggling for breath. If we have the time and you feel like you would like start things off right away then that is absolutely fine. You still won’t be left in a puddle of sweat. We won’t make you do any embarrassing exercises, won’t shout at you or make you feel self-conscious in front of people; we’ll more than likely take you in one of our private rooms just in case you feel a little nervous, and we’ll start a movement analysis. This is where we get you to perform very simple, basic movements, and we silently take mental notes about what is the best course of action for you. After that we’ll explain what we think you need to do. We’ll discuss with you what you can manage financially and more importantly, what time you can offer us. If you feel its right for you there and then, we can sort the necessary paperwork and...

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What do we want from you? (It’s not to empty your bank account)

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Contributed by Tim Wheatcroft   As personal trainers, do we want you to pay for personal training sessions for the rest of your life and be entirely dependent on 1-to-1 sessions? NO!     We can’t speak for most other personal trainers (well, actually we could but it wouldn’t be very professional) but at Real World Fitness in Nottingham we want what’s best for you, not just what’s best for us. When we feel you’re confident enough to go it alone into the gym and complete a prescribed program, then we will suggest you do just that. Under our guidance you’ll be doing a safe and efficient program without continuously paying for 1-to-1. That being said, there are cases where we would suggest the 1-to-1 personal training continues longer. If you’re completely new to the gym and you have never done any resistance training, for example, you’ll likely need our guidance for longer. Weight training isn’t as straightforward as many think, and the technical and mental aspects of it can be tough to grasp fully. Similarly, if you are nervous about a gym environment or recovering from some sort of injury, the support you need from a qualified, experienced PT might be greater. Having some professional coaching as a beginner should always: Familiarise you with resistance training as opposed to running straight to the treadmill. Get you used to the gym environment instead of being so nervous/anxious that you don’t go to the gym at all. There would be no need to be worried about incorrectly performing exercises when you eventually go solo, as you would have already completed them with 1-to-1 supervision. Rehab any previous injuries or issues which could be stopping you from doing the best exercises for you, and limiting your functionality in everyday life. We market ourselves as a no-bullshit company. This applies to the personal training just as much as the new RWF gym. We’ve set up the new gym to be more accessible to the everyday person who may not feel comfortable jumping into a 12 month contract at a local commercial gym, getting little or no support, and having to cope with the usual gym stereotypes of arrogant trainers and over-used equipment....

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