Countless people suffer unnecessarily with lower back pain. I’m not going to recount endless statistics about it, because for one – you’ve already heard them. Two, if you’re suffering with back pain it often feels pretty lonely. There’s no real comfort in numbers or in being a statistic. As personal trainers, or coaches, or however…

Our weekly round-up of articles we’ve found useful and interesting. Well, I say weekly but I’ve been INCREDIBLY slack and not done one for ages. This week’s theme is a bit ranty – promise we’ll find and share some decent technical articles for next time. Thanks to all the writers and creators of these articles…

Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo uses Herbalife? He does – just look: It’s annoying, really, because the Herbalife idiots always pull it out. If one of the best footballers the world has ever seen uses it, how dare you, a dumb PT, say it’s a rubbish product? Bugger. That stumps a lot of arguments….

The PT profession gets a lot of stick – and in many cases, rightly so. We’re often seen as ogres, military-style drill sergeants, and proponents of dietary advice that would make even Gillian McKeith blush. In amongst all of that, though, is a core of decent trainers struggling hard against a tide of, frankly, bullshit….

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