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Supplements: The Basics

By on Dec 9, 2015 in Articles, Snippets |

I asked for some ideas for blog posts, and the issue of supplements came up a couple of times. I realised we’ve only really touched on it before and never gone into any real detail. It’s a minefield – not only because of the sheer amount of stuff out there, but also the difficulties of having a reasonable conversation about it. Supplement companies often pay ambassadors to say they use X, when they don’t. This often leads to (usually newer) gym-goers aligning themselves wth one brand, dismissing all others and claiming one is better than another. Cue endless arguments! Whey protein? What’s the truth? Well, yes, there’s a degree of variance in quality. There’s also a degree of variance in marketing. ‘Market leading’ brands often command ridiculous pricing of up to £40 per kilo for whey, for example. Pretty much the exact same product can be bought elsewhere for £16-17 per kilo. You’re often paying for your muscle hero/heroine to be on the tub, in the adverts and to appear at expos. I’d rather just pay for the whey! Some companies do add more expensive ingredients to their products, and subsequently charge more. Do these additional ingredients make *that* much of a difference over and above decent training, decent diet and a bog-standard whey? In my opinion, no, they don’t. Not £20-30 a month’s worth of difference anyway. You’ll often find that ‘suitable for drug tested athletes’ stuff is more expensive – it has to be tested and manufactured more rigorously to avoid contamination with banned substances, and costs more as a result. It’s not worth saving a few quid for untested, if you compete in a sport that testing takes place, so it’s one of the times paying more is worth it. Marketing is also responsible for selling you a ridiculous amount of other crap you don’t need. And for a high price. Testosterone boosters for guys in their teens and 20s/30s? No need unless you know you’re deficient, and even then, talking to your GP would be more advisable than listening to your average muscle model on the subject. The effects, from studies I’ve seen, of taking legal test boosters are negligible at best. Illegal ones are another...

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